Wong Wok 'Dai Chao' Chinese Cuisine @ Lot 10 Hutong

December 29, 2016

What do you guys think of the street food? It may be humble fare and with not so pleasant ambience? But for me, that is where the good place to eat local food that you won't find else where, hardly duplicated as one cannot truly source/recreate the same ingredients, ambiance, and all things geographically and culturally that's tied with the street food. The most precious thing is many street food vendors have been in their business for more than 10 years, or even 50 years! Imagine what sort of mastery you'd have by traditional cooking skill and heritage which you hardly to find in this commercial market now. 
However, there is a place here to let you enjoy the great street food with air-con and pleasant ambience. A Malaysian tycoon, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, OBE, Managing Director of YTL Corporation (www.ytlcommunity.com), has taking Asian hawker cuisine global with Lot 10 Hutong, a unique concept one-stop gourmet heritage village, offering many hundreds of selections of the best local comfort foods that have passed the test of time in Malaysia as well as throughout the region. Each stall is personally hand-picked and is already recognised as a master of its craft, be it noodles, pastries or soups. 
Recently, I've had the honour of attending a luncheon hosted by Tan Sri Francis to showcase a classic “dai chao” cooking by one of his favourite chefs, Wong sifu, at Wong Wok大皇鑊, Lot 10 Hutong十号胡同. 
Wong Wok is a kitchen helmed by Chef Wong – an award winning restaurant chef. 
His cooking technique is a classic Chinese “dai chao” style by which the focus is on meticulous steps taken in each process of cooking and the rendering of dishes that we Malaysian grew up with. As fate would have it, Wong sifu’s passion was recognized in Kuala Lumpur and he joined the YTL Food and Beverage team. With Wong at the helm of Shook!, YTL’s Chinese Kitchen, his signature Dancing Prawn, Sang Har Sang Mee, steamed salted fish minced pork cooked with salted fish from Kampung Ang Mo Bah, was birthed. 
 The Menu of Wong Wok.
Luncheon kick start with flavourful crab. 
Chilli Crab 辣椒蟹  Market Price

[Recommended] Chilli crab hits all the right spots with tangy gravy that seeps into the succulent flesh of the stir-fried crab, served with the shell on, and best to paired with Hainan toast. This dish consists of fresh crabs cooked in a sweet, savoury and spicy gravy, it is a real treat and best eaten with your hands! Too bad that i have allergy in crab, but don't care! i eat Hainan toast by dipping the tangy gravy because it is too tempting LOL! 

 Chef Wong' signature, Sang Har Sang Mee 招牌生虾生面  RM39
 Sweet & Sour Pork 古早味咕咾肉  RM23.50
 Foo Yong Egg 芙蓉煎香蛋  RM14
Braised Yam with 3 Tiered Pork 芋头扣花肉  RM23.50
This is a Hakka famous dish, the cuts of pork belly were too succulent and the chunks of yam are cooked just nice as it did not fall apart when picked up with chopsticks. Smell the tantalizing aroma and enjoy this mouth-watering dish with rice. 
Steamed salted fish minced pork cooked  咸鱼蒸肉饼  RM23.50
The flavourful minced pork definitely could reminds you of the childhood, another popular dish created by Chef Wong with salted fish from Kampung Ang Mo Bah. 
 Stir fried beef Hor Fun  姜葱牛肉河粉  
RM15 (Small) |  RM28.50 (Big) 
Seriously, nowadays i can't find these kind of 'dai chao' (street wok) easily, with packed of smoky delight! As what Chinese love to said : "wok hei". 镬气
Yeong Chow Fried Rice  扬州炒饭  RM9.90
Humble yet delicious simple fried rice to end of the meal. What is so special of Chef Wong’s version to this common dish?  “wok hei” is the keyword to created this to be outstanding, the rice was vigorously fried in a sizzling hot wok to make sure every single rice well coated with aromatics.
Although the prices for each single dish served at the Lot 10 Hutong gourmet heritage villages are exceedingly reasonable, the marvellous spread of delectable delights have also proven irresistible to celebrities who sit cheek by jowl with the other diners to have a taste of tradition. 

Lot 10 Hutong offers an incredibly vast and diverse taste of Asian street food, as well as culinary gems that have delighted the tastebuds of Malaysians for several generations now. Let's pay a visit to the culinary world of Asian street cuisine at Lot 10 Hutong. 

Lot 10 Hutong 十号胡同
Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Food Court, Lower Fround Floor
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-2782 3500
Business Hours :
Mon – Sun : 10 am. – 10 pm.

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