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December 8, 2016

I don't believe a stress-free life is possible. But many of us try to ignore stress with a lot of excuse such as no time no money and keep going on. But do you know overstressed is harmful to your physical, mental, and emotional aches and pains? How are you dealing yours?
De-stress is very important to me, i will spend few hour to watch a movie, massage and facial. Nowadays, everyone keep staring on their smartphone no matter you are try to 'de-stress' yourself in cinema/ enjoy a cuppa of coffee/ go to gym etc, they can't survive without smart gadgets. So do you think is it a good way to relieve the stress? That's why i love to go for massage and facial, because i will shut down my phone (vibration of phone is too annoying), and i am sure i really have my 'me' time in this few hours. 
Christmas and New Year is coming soon! Apart from manage the good, the bad, and the ugly faces of stress in your life, also it's time to make yourself feel more beautiful to attend all festive party. 
Unfortunately, I can't avoid aging. Due to my hectic life, i almost slept at 3am everyday because i got to rush cake order at daytime until night, then only able to rush blogpost in midnight. Lack of sleep can rob skin of its natural glow and worsen health, so my skin now look dull and dehydrated. As a beauty blogger, of course i know this is critical time and i have to do something! 
Invitation comes at the right time! I was invited by BFF and Philip Wain to trying their exclusive facial and spa regarding my skin condition. 
FYI, BFF is the go-to beauty reviews and shop portal for women. 
Philip Wain at Starhill Gallery is a one-stop beauty wellness centre, offers facial, slimming treatment, spa, nail service, health and fitness program, also has a leisure area to let you take a break and serve you some light meal at healthy food bar.
Dressing rooms provided with skincare products, hair products and hair dryers. Also includes changing room, free sauna, steam bath, showers, towels and bath gowns. 
 Spacious lockers to keep your belongings. 
Change into the kimono and slippers before facial treatment. 
Alright, let's start the facial treatment! 
The beauty consultant recommended Superb Hydro O2 Lifting Facial Treatment for me, it is a Nanotechnology oxygen facial treatment by using one of the Top 10 France skincare Biologie Pierre Boutigny which enhances skin barrier function and transform your damaged skin into luminous and healthy skin. 
Superb Hydro O2 Lifting Facial Treatment is great for all skin types but excellent remedy for aging skin, dull skin and weak & sensitive skin. 
Superb Hydro O2 Lifting Facial Trial Price : RM118 
(NRP: RM788)
After cleaning face, unlike to others, beauty therapist applied mask on my face before on-steamer. The mask is help to softens my skin and very easy to driving the blackhead out.  
After facial extraction, beauty therapist was using the Oxy Gun sprayer noozle drives gently into the skin normobaric oxygen together with the product chosen by beauty therapist. Lastly, pump oxygen deep into my pores and give the skin a plumper, healthier look.
The whole treatment process is about 90 minutes. 
My skin was tight and dry because of dehydration, but my face feel so smooth, hydrated and plump after facial! The plumpness of my face will also help to fade out visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. One more thing, i got a glowing skin immediately! 
 After facial treatment, take 5 min break and enjoy a hot tea before proceed to spa. 
I opted for the latest spa treatment, the Vino Top To Toe Therapy. 
Vino Top To Toe Therapy Trial Price: RM268 
(NRP: RM913) – 88 mins
This spa body therapy is a revolution grape-based spa treatment brings together with exclusive scalp therapy, pamper yourself from top to toe. Using Bruno Vassari products from Spain and contains Grape (Polyphenols), it is efficiently fight against aging skin signs and nourish your body with silky skin. 
Kick start with body exfoliation to eliminate the dead cells with grape extracts. While scrubbing my body, i can smell the grape scent from the scrub. I was like applying wine on my body LOL! 
Applying revitalizing body mask all over my body. 
After that, the massage therapist wrapped me in a thermal blanket to helps me detoxify and reduce water retention by speeding up my metabolism. It took about 20 minutes, my skin is silky smooth like baby skin. 
Proceed to scalp therapy. 
This scalp therapy uses Physia Pure Essential Oils to strengthen hair from thinning effectively. The massage therapist gently massage my scalp to dissolve toxins and improve blood and lymphatic circulation. 
Physia Dermolenitive Mask is suitable for 2 type of scalp : normal scalp and dandruff scalp. As i have sensitive and itchy scalp, the massage therapist choose 'dandruff scalp' for me, which is suitable for my sensitive scalp to sooth and moisturize my hair follicles.
After i 'steamed' myself in thermal blanket and my hair is oily after scalp therapy, I went to shower at attached bathroom in massage room. That's it for this Vino Top To Toe Spa Therapy? Nope! 
Last session is massage! Indulge my body with grape seed extract massage cream, it helps to firm and tone the body. 
I love this spa therapy so much!!! Massage is for so much more than just relaxation, bringing your body and mind to a state of greater calm is a massage therapist’s objective. I am very satisfied that i have such a nice massage therapist. I always catch cold in the facial room, almost at all beauty salon that i visited before. But in Philip Wain, all facial and massage bed comes with heating pad, keep me comfortable and warm at all the time. I can't even describe how great and relaxed I feel after this 3 hours I've spent at facial and spa. Such a lovely atmosphere that i would highly recommend to you all! 
Oh ya! My skin is still plump and soft after a week from the Superb Hydro O2 Lifting Facial. 
With bare face, i only apply mascara and eyeliner in the picture above. 
A better hydrated skin is a skin that will look healthier and help you look great, no longer need a truckload of make up put on my face. =)
Hitting the spa also seems too pricy for you? No worries, give it a try first, sure you will love it! Phillp Wain is offering RM268 for Vino Top To Toe Therapy's first time trial, 
RM118 for Superb Hydro O2 Lifting Facial's trial price, 
Relax and pamper yourself in this Christmas! 
For more information on Phillip Wain, visit their website or facebook page.
Phillip Wain
Lot S28-S37, Pamper Floor, Starhill Gallery,
No.181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
55100, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603- 2148 2200
Operations Hours:
Mon- Fri: 7am-9.30pm
Saturday: 7am-6pm
Sunday: 11am- 6pm 
Public holidays: 10am- 6pm

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