Pablo cheese tart is finally landed @ 1 Utama!

December 10, 2016

The moment you've all been waiting for, the long awaited Pablo is finally open the first branch at 1 Utama!!! 

Hands up if you are a fan of half baked cheese tart!!! 

Pablo began famous with the melted cheesy baked Cheese Tart from Osaka, Japan. Been voted on Osaka version’s TripAdvisor as the NO. 1 dessert that you shouldn’t missed, also being awarded as Top Three famous Japan dessert shop by the Japanese TV Show [The Golden Legend], the Pablo craze took over the country and eventually invaded South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippine, Indonesia and now landed in Malaysia! 
YESSS!!! You don’t have to travel all the way to Japan for this anymore! Like finally, Pablo decided to bypass Singapore and let's Malaysian to try first. =)
Pablo is the earliest ancestor of Half-Baked Cheese Tart, it hits the record of selling out a cheese tart in every 7 seconds, so there is not uncommon to see a line forming outside of shop for freshly baked cheese tarts everyday. 
Feel so good because i took a sneak peek at the Pablo 1 Utama before they start to operate on 6th of Dec. ^^ 
Located at Level 2 of Old Wing 1 Utama, easily spot with its bright yellow signature colour and the very happy Japanese cartoon style background music, i felt like in the Universal Studio Japan hahaha! 

Many visitors who have visited Japan are impressed by their customer service. In Pablo, you also will be greeted by their well trained staff with their Japanese customer service culture. 

Of course there are not only selling the famous cheese tart, they have a range of special and delicious products such as beverage, soft serve ice cream, pudding etc with mostly cheese base! 
Have you try CHEESY beverages and CHEESY ice cream before? Can you imagine how's the taste?
Sabrel Cheese Cookies with 3 flavours : 
Original (RM32.90) , Matcha and Black (RM36.90 each)
Golden Brûlée Cheese Pudding   RM72.90/ each box with 6 pcs
Pablo Drip Coffee & Sabrel Cheese Set  RM48.90 / box
Pablo Choco Crunch - Cheese Tart flavor 
RM47.90 / each box with 12 pcs
I love this! 
Pablo bring whole truly Japan concept to here, not only the very 'Japanese style' staff, but also wow with their Japanese package design. Beautiful packaging that makes it a perfect souvenir or gift, not a bad idea to buy this viral desert trends as X'mas/ New Year gift right? ^^
Pablo Malaysia imported all of the raw materials and baking machine from Japan in order to ensure everyone are able to taste the deliciousness of half-baked cheese tart that 100% Japan imported.
 [MUST TRY] Pablo Mini   RM8.90 / pcs 

So yay! This is the cheese tart which created legend that selling out each piece in every 7 seconds. Pablo Cheese Tart is the only cheese tart which manufactured in Japan, then frozen it and imported all the way from Japan! 
This ORIGINAL half-baked cheese tart is such a gooey cheese tart that’s cooked rare. I don't eat anything that made with cheese, so even though there are 2 Pablo shops near my hotel in Osaka, passing by everyday and saw a long queue there, i never think to give it a try. But since it is super famous and i was invited, alright! just try it! 
The filling of cheese is surprisingly taste not too strong, i can't stop to eat it as i start to addicted with its crumbly butter crust and warm, soft, meltingly cheesy filling. Definitely, it is the best among all other half-baked cheese tart. 
Freshly Baked Cheese Tart   RM45.90

It is actually not a big tart as you thought, size is about 6 inch. * I forgot to measure *
If compare to Pablo Mini, personally prefer this one because it is not too cheesy than Pablo mini. 
The crispy crust, great flavor and the lightness are exquisite. The wonderful buttery aroma of the crust, with a hint of apricot notes lead into sweet, sourish and creamy cheesy goodness. See! My Golden Dou Dou and Princess V were gone case when they smell the fragrant from this cheese tart since i step into home.
Pablo Frute : Classic Cheese Tart  RM 15.90
As the name of it, they blend the cheese tart and make as a drink. BUT! it doesn't taste like a terrible cheese drink. There is apricot at the bottom, mix with some cream cheese and crust crumbles to enhance the overall drinking experience. This unique cheesy savory Pablo Frute is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.

No wonder Pablo is taking over the world, simply because their cheese tarts are too out-of-the-world good. Are you drooling now when reading my blog? LOL! Get ready to stuck in Pablo's loooooong queue at 1 Utama! 
Pablo Freshly bake Cheese Tart

S130, Level 2, One Utama (old Wing). 
Operating Hours: 10am-10pm


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