90's Hairstyle New Treatment : Talk Talk Pre-Keratin Perm

March 8, 2019

For the last whole year, 90's Hairstyle Sri Petaling is the only salon I go for all services including haircut, hair color, hair perm, hair treatment and more. May be you might think blogger's review is always not trustable, i know... because even though my close friends ask me to suggest places or services, they will doubt on genuineness of my review too. I would like to double triple to mention that i only said nice if it really nice, i don't lie. 
90's Hairstyle is keep improving their service from the first day i visited, i can see the result from my hair. (it's not that sponsor or not sponsor matter, if the service suck, you can see directly from my hair right? ) LOL!

Back in November 2018, I had Ultra Sonic Treatment but the outcome can't last too long because i was still using strengthener everyday, hair damage is certainly unavoidable. I was born with thick, coarse, a little curly hair, so i need to use strengthener to style my LOB hair everyday. Seriously it took me about 45 minutes to wash, blow and styling, i was frustrated when i need to rushing out especially in the early morning.

On January this year, i was back to salon for hair treatment again. This round, my hairstylist finally resolve my concerns!
90's Hairstyle launched the latest hair treatment Talk Talk Pre-Keratin Perm by using Goldilocks products from South Korea. 
Contains no gluten, synthetic silicons, pthalate or animal ingredients used in the formulation. 
Featuring the miracle Keratin Treatment formula which adds nourishment and strength to the hair, this Pre-Keratin Perm allow your extremely damaged hair can do perm, color or bleach. Meanwhile, it completely eliminate frizz for up to 3 months.
* Treatment method is depends on your hair condition
Step 1 : Bubble
Effectively removes toxins and decomposing alkali from the hair.
Step 2 : Keratin
Highly enriched with same undiluted Keratin solution already present in the hair, protects and restores peptide bonds in hair proteins. When mixed with perm, color or bleach, this treatment adds nourishment and strength to the hair during chemical process.

Step 3 : Protein Talk talk
A pH Control Perm Agent with a pH 5 acid balance. The high protein content results in extremely smooth, soft, lustrous and moisturised hair texture. It is able to soften extremely damaged hair (like my hair) without causing any further damage due to its rich vegetable protein nature.
Take Note : If your hair is colored, you might run the risk of some minimal fading while doing Keratin Perm. 
After Talk Talk Pre-Keratin Perm, i did hair color immediately.
Midnight ash blue hair, am i looks like an animated girl? =P
FYI blue tone usually fades to ash brown after 1 months. But, this is one of my favourite color.
2 weeks later, my hair is still blue.
3 weeks later, my hair color was fading to ash green. 
This is my recent photo, which is 1 and half months after Talk Talk Pre-Keratin Perm. 
My hair is smooth now but not super smooth as first 3 weeks after Keratin Perm. My hair color is faded to grey ash, but still is my favourite color. 
Another syok (good) thing is, i never use strengthener among this period! 
I save a lot of time, i can wake up 30 minutes later, i don't need to carry strengthener go to Japan, 
can you imagine how happy i am? LOL!
If you have super damaged / dry hair but want to do other chemical service, please opt for Talk Talk Pre-Keratin Perm because it really really really completely eliminate frizz, smooth out and strengthen the hair without causing any further damage.

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90’s Hairstyle
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Bandar Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +603- 9054 6881
Operating Hours :
Monday-Sunday : 11am-8.30pm
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