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March 18, 2016

Health and enjoyment, these is what urbanites need to focus while chasing achievement in busy living. Take some time to live and breathe,  lean back and relax, that is a well-balanced and healthy life.
Herbaline is famous for facial and massage treatments. To upgrading their beauty, comfort and stress-free services, Herbaline bought to you a unique and holistic wellness one-stop platform based on the 'Eat Well; Look Well; Live Well' concept. Herbaline facial spa, cafe and guest house located in the neighbourhood of Pandan Indah (near to Maybank), it is the only one Herbaline branch which provided this awesome service. 
Herbaline facial spa, cafe and guest house Pandan Indah 
Ground Floor: Mama Kim Sauna Mee
First Floor: HerbaLine Facial Spa
Second and Third Floor: Sojourn Guest House
From the refreshing facial spa and therapeutic massage by Herbaline Facial Spa at 1st floor; to hearty meals by MaMa Kim at G floor then relax yourself in the Sojourn Guest House.
Herbaline Pandan Indah is strive to ensure everyone can gets the best rejuvenation journey here. 
I was too tired recently because of bakery + blogs, 24 hours ain't enough. I need a retreat for tranquility and peace of mind away from the hectic and bustling city life, so i visited Herbaline Pandan Indah with my sister last weekends. We had a great stay in Sojourn Guest House(小居一下), even though it still located in town but i felt so relaxing and LOHAS (慢活). My 2 days 1 night stay is meant to pampering my exhausted mind and body, absolutely worthy! 
My Staycation Package is :
Twin Room Package B - RM288 / 2 pax
- 1 night stay at twin room
- Relaxing Deep Cleansing Facial OR Jade Stone Acupressure Body Massage Treatment (60 mins) worth RM88
- Complimentary Foot Paraffin Wax Treatment worth RM29
- Signature Sauna Mee Set worth RM17
- Breakfast 
Only RM144 per pax!!! OMGGGGG!!!!!! 
* strongly recommend to you if you on a brief business trip, it is definitely better than stay hotel. 

Well, after i posted in social media during my stay, many peoples asked me regarding the package list, so here is it! * The differentiate between Package A & Package B highlighted in yellow color*
Package A 
Single Room : RM128 / pax | Twin Room : RM208 / 2 pax
Queen Room : RM208 / 2 pax | King Room : RM218 / 2 pax | Family Room : RM258 / 2 pax + kids
- Room
- Head & Shoulder Massage Treatment (30min) worth RM49 
- Complimentary Foot Paraffin Wax Treatment worth RM29
- Signature Sauna Mee Set worth RM17
- Breakfast 
Package B 
Single Room : RM168 / pax | Twin Room : RM288 / 2 pax
Queen Room : RM288 / 2 pax | King Room : RM298 / 2 pax | Family Room : RM338 / 2 pax + kids
- Room
- Relaxing Deep Cleansing Facial OR Jade Stone Acupressure Body Massage Treatment (60 mins) worth RM88
- Complimentary Foot Paraffin Wax Treatment worth RM29
- Signature Sauna Mee Set worth RM17
- Breakfast 
"LIVE WELL" @ Sojourn Guest House
Unlike typical guest houses, the Sojourn Guest House is designed with common spaces to be leveraged by guests. There are 27 rooms in total (Single,Twin, Queen, King and Family Room). 
Twin Room 
I love my light blue oceanic twin room!!! Nice huh? =)
With a wide range of amenities up to 4 star standard, my room is very well-equipped with comfortable beds, silk comforter, toiletries, safety box, hair dryer, towel, iron and board, toothbrush and paste, TV, slippers, bathrobes and 2 complimentary bottles of mineral water. YaY! There are NO refrigerator in the room, kindly take note ya! Wifi is available. This is very important right? LOL! i can online watch korean drama in my room for whole day without disturbing. Yahoo! 
Guest can purchase selected decoration of room at reception if they would like to bring it home.
My sister Yennie, i know... we don't look like sisters hahaha! 
You can even have a option of selecting either firm or soft pillows to suit your needs for a good sleep! Aww~~ This is so sweet! My big concern of hotel stay is the pillow and comforter issues, but i can't change if stay at hotel, mostly i can't fall asleep during my travel. Sorry, i am too picky. My pillow must not soft but not firm also, my comforter have to be silk just like mine one at home. Don't ask me why LOL! So... I didn't lie you, i was really had a good sleep at Sojourn Guest House. 
Ok, all set! 
Sojourn Guest House was fully-booked during my stay, so i can't take another room type picture to show you, this is the only one room i captured.
Queen Room
Main components of the Sojourn Guest House include the Aromatherapy, Lemongrass Tea, Meditation Zone and Reading Zone. 
Aromatherapy Zone
Always suggest to inhale and exhale aroma scent to boost the mood and for a restful sleep. 
Lemongrass Zone
Lemongrass has various healing properties and high in vitamins A & C, serving from 12pm-6pm (sometimes they will refill at night too!). If you dislike lemongrass, there are plain water and green tea available too. 
With my blogger friend, Chin Yee and also Carol (she joined us after that). I didn't expected we can chit-chatting till 1am! LOL!
Meditation Zone
To treat yourself to a calm and stress-free odyssey! 
Reading Zone

"LOOK WELL" @ Herbaline Facial Spa
Both of us choose Jade Stone Acupressure Body Massage Treatment at HerbaLine on the first floor. Kindly make advanced bookings to avoid disappointments.
Reservation: 03-4292 6622, 014-641 8245
As usual, welcome drink (lemongrass tea) served before a brief consultation start. To know your skin concerns, consultation is required by beautician. 
Take off shoes and keep it into the basket.
Foot Bath Zone
Enjoy a quick 5-minutes sea salt soak to sterilised and soothe the feet.
Fish Spa Zone
Place feet in tanks of warm water containing dozens of toothless doctor fish, let them suck and gently nibble away at dry and dead skin to leave your feet feeling refreshed and healthy. Honestly, it was kinda itchy, my sister don't want to try at all because she said it was horrible when saw uncountable fishes surrounding feet hahahaha! 
Aromatheraphy Zone
Inhale and exhale 3 times of the lavender scent before treatment, and lemongrass scent after treatment. 
Jade Stone Acupressure Body Massage 
Included in my staycation package, either facial or massage and obviously what i choose is... Jade Stone Acupressure Body Massage is using the proprietary meridian jade forks to massage, relieve pain, relax tired muscles and improve blood circulation. Do not worry about getting hurt by jade stone because these stones have been polished providing a very smooth and silky feeling on the skin. I felt so relaxing, my therapist didn't press too hard, using jade stone directly affects the flow of energy by holding and pressing the body at acupressure points.
Complimentary Foot Paraffin Wax Treatment
Feet are submerged in a warm mixture of paraffin, a petroleum-based wax, and mineral oil. The feet are dipped few times to form a thick layer of wax, and then wrapped it and proceed to my massage first. Foot Paraffin improves circulation, softens rough skin, also a therapeutic treatment for arthritis, muscular pain or joint sprains. My feet feel so soft. =)
"EAT WELL" @ MaMa Kim
Feel so good to having our healthy breakfast at Mama Kim. Kickstart our day with hearty breakfast and beautiful trio colour juices : Carrot Juice, Black Soybean Drink and Vegetable Juice, please follow the sequence to drink for best result.
Check what is sauna mee and food review of Mama Kim at here.
This is a nice place to taking care your body, soul and mind, to complete rejuvenating journey. The most important is the package price is affordable.The atmosphere here is laidback and casual, perfect for catching up with good friends or family, i saw few group of aunties/ uncles checked in too. Aunty uncle especially for those already retire, they love to enjoy life with their friends too, so please let them know about this place too. =P 
Thanks to Sojourn Guest House team for my wonderful stay. ^^
Sojourn Guest House
No. 1 & 3, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/2,
Pandan Indah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 603-4292 0808
Email: info@sojournguesthouse.my

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