Mama Kim Restaurant @ Pandan Indah, healthy yummy Sauna Mee!

March 19, 2016

What is "healthy meal"? what do you think? hmm.... i think... it must be lack in taste and all about vege and grains, VEGE and GRAINS!!! *oh dear! i hate vege vege vege~!*
Mama Kim Restaurant is serving hearty and healthy meals to make sure patrons are on the right path to healthy living despite their busy urban life. Chef Mama Kim understands the healthy food should not lacks in taste, so she innovating with various styles of cooking and different ingredients to enhance flavours yet balanced in nutrients, changing the perception entirely with the success of her delicious healthy creations.
Don't misunderstand what I mean about "healthy meal" is equal to "vegetarian menu", MaMa Kim is serving meat too! MaMa Kim prepares each cuisine with 5 major colours vegetable / fruits, without using any chemical flavoring or additives (MSG), no white sugar and white flour, less oil and less salt, but fresh and natural ingredients to make sure all the food is healthy but tasty. All my friends know me don't eat vegetable, very pick on foods *yea! i am kinda annoying 乞人憎 hahaha..* It was totally change my mind when i tried at Mama Kim, taste not bad. 

Sorry, i can't take a beautiful picture on the ambiance of Mama Kim restaurant due to the overwhelming response. I was a little aback by the "overwhelming response" from the public because i thought not many peoples like to eat healthy meal, sorry my bad! Mama Kim Restaurant has been a famous spot for healthy goers, please come earlier to avoid the queue on weekends.
Mix fruit salad 水果沙拉  RM8.90
Pretty fresh fruit salad with dragon fruit, tomato, cucumber, raisins and more.... It is refreshing and crunchy.

Natural Fruit and Flower Tea   天然花果茶   RM10.50

Strongly recommended! Actually i had a bad impression on this kind of tea because i tried at other place and it was tasteless. Infused with apple, orange and passion fruit, this jar of fruit and flower tea doesn't disappointed me. I like the strong fruity aroma, very tropical and also the citrusy taste. 

Vegetables Juice 活力蔬菜汁   RM7.30 (Small) | RM15.90 (Large)

Another healthy recommendation is vegetables juice, a great combination with green apple, banana and grapes, which definitely is a good detox drinks! 
Little princess 小公主咖啡   RM8.40
It is an affogato hahaha!
Sauna Mee 桑拿面   RM13.70

Jeng Jeng Jeng~!!! From my previous post (Sojourn guest house staycation review), the package is includes this sauna mee. Well~~ i know all of you have no idea what is that, so this is the superstar of Mama Kim restaurant! Sauna Mee is the signature here and also a must-order item, you can see almost all tables ordered at least one Sauna Mee. 
What's so special?! 
Strongly recommended! It's served in simmering hot soup in a stone bowl that keeps the broth warm to the very last sip, these specially crafted hot stone bowls are placed in a special oven for 50 minutes to be heated up to 250c, it is very hot upon served, please beware it. Sauna Mee implements 80/20 rules which has a balance combination of meat and more than 5 healthy colours of vegetables. To clean all ingredients from chemicals, Mama Kim washed them with Ocean Minerals Salt. 
Come in 2 choices of vegetarian soup or fish soup(柴鱼汤), both are slow-cooked for 5 hours, we tried both and i prefer fish soup base because it is more flavourful. You can ask for refill if your soup is getting lesser, it just like a small healthy steamboat =) 
Chewy signature rice noodles is a popular choice, and also brown rice and pumpkin noodles, just pick either one to filled in your bowl. 

Pumpkin Fried Rice  南瓜炒饭   RM8.90
Black Porridge   RM4.90 (vegetable) | RM6.90 (fish)
I like to eat porridge, my black porridge is come with fish and crunchy black fungus, so nourishing and delicious! Oh yay! and also good for the digestive system. 

Cantonese Seafood Noodles  江南海鲜面   RM15.80
Strongly recommended!This portion can serves up to 2 persons, a healthy version 大炒 cantonese noodles with assorted vegetables and seafood. I can't explain it further, it's simply delicious! 
Baked Cheesy Mushroom Rice   野菇焗饭    RM13.70
sooo cheesy! Definitely prepare for cheesy lovers, full-filled with nutrients from 5 colours of ingredients and nuttier flavor and texture of brown rice,  healthy, tangy and nutritional, but delicious! 
Besides of main course, Mama Kim also serves western food (chicken/fish chop), sandwich, side dish, kids menu and also 糖水dessert (lotus crystal pea/ black sesame)

What makes some people live longer than others? Healthy diet is playing an important role in maintaining longevity and a healthy life. May be you thought kids don't like place like this, but i saw 80% patrons bring along their kids and they were happily eating. 

Let’s get to impress by Mama Kim's healthy creation with the cooking in less oil and salt but fresh ingredients. "Healthy isn't a goal, it's a way of living" 

Mama Kim Ground Floor 

(Inside Herbaline facial spa, cafe and guest house)

No. 1, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/2,

Pandan Indah,

55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +603-4292 0808
Facebook: mamakimsaunamee

Other outlets:
Jalan Pahang
276, Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur.
(Beside SRJK(C) Chong Hwa)
Tel : +6014-6418624
Herbaline Beauty Square
28, Jalan Anggerik Mokara 31/47 Kemuning, Shah Alam.
Tel : +603-5121 7151

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