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March 14, 2016

Remember i share one of the customise gift website before? If don't, please refer back to my post "Personalised gift from" to find out how easy to order custom made gift from Printcious. From the previous post, i've ordered a customise pillow with one of my precious Golden Dou Dou's picture and now i gonna to tell you how's my feeling when receive it. =)
The parcel arrived my doorstep after 3 working days after payment done, packed nicely and it was pretty fast! ! I choose shocking pink as my pillow color, usually it is always get slightly different color tone when order this kind of color via online platform, so honestly i was kinda worry about the color of real product. 

First and the most important thing, check is it same product that i ordered and what is the condition. I'm happy because it is definitely same with the picture at Printcious, condition is 100% good! and of course, i am satisfied with the outcome, see... my pillow is so nice! woohoo!
Pillow came with an inner microfiber, not attached with the pillow case, so you can wash it easily or change pillow case / inner microfiber.
Let's check the print quality, it was a bit brighter but at least it is clear enough, print quality not bad!
Here is the actual photos of my pillow! so pretty ^^
Golden Dou Dou : " who? who is this?" 
So comfortable ^^
 I was going for staycation review last weekends and i bring my lovely pillow too. 
Now i can hug my furkid's every where anytime hehehe... 
No matter you want to custom made gift for friends or for yourself, you can always visit Printcious. =)

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