Calvin Klein ck2 Laser Battle Thrill, Berjaya Times Square

March 16, 2016

It was a fruitful weekend that i have last week, i went for staycation and food review, also joined the most excited game at Laser Battle in Berjaya Times Square. Calvin Klein is pleased to host ck2 Laser Battle Thrill event on last Sunday, in conjunction it will be an introduction of ck2 launch to the bloggers. We have to battle against each other for the laser tag championship title and for great prizes.
Huh? Why a perfume launching will be held at Laser Battle?
It is because of related to ck2 concept - the thrill of #the2ofus. 20 years ago, ck one launched as Calvin Klein's first unisex fragrance, also is the iconic and best selling fragrance of Calvin Klein. Year 2016, Calvin Klein comes back with a touch of excitement to your daily life: bold, free, diverse and thrilling experiences are amplified by the connections between two people.
This is my first time to play laser tag, i don't even know what is this when i received invitation LOL! FYI, Laser Battle is the single largest laser tag operator across Asia. As an official partner of the largest laser tag manufacturer in the world - Zone Empire from Australia, Laser Battle is providing an awesome entertainment and sport facility that is healthy and safe for families. There are 4 outlets in Malaysia :
Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur
JB City Square
Queensbay Penang
Ipoh Parade
We divided to 4 teams which is yellow, green, red and orange. I was in Yellow team and we named it as Wonder women since 5 of us are female. ^^ 
My Yellow team mates! We're ready! 
Before battle start, a short and simple briefing about floor plan, laser equipments and rules was given by Laser Battle staff. Worried about where to keep your belongings? Locker located next to the arena entrance.
Our mission is so simple and clear : Shoot the sector of our opponent, defend our sector and protect our teammate from being shot by enemy. We played in team mode, so we have to discuss who is defender and attacker and also our strategy.
The laser tag arena has a world class maze design, indulging laser tag experience by synchronising the heart pumping music and light system into the game play effect.
In order to give customers the best feel for every shot they take, Laser Battle's latest equipment model Helios Pro which features vibration from the sensors and multiple colour lighting of the vest and gun. I "died" many times and i can really feel like shot by real gun. XD 
picture credits to Dee Leonard 
picture credits to ohfishee
The maze arena is dark, so we are advised not to run to avoid injured. Each game is 10 minutes, yes ONLY 10 minutes but we all felt like dying hahaha! OMG.... When heard "game start", my heart beating so fast. We all were busy defending, busy protecting, busy attacking... Sweat like hell after 10 minutes game over. In first game, we against with Team Orange but too bad we were the loser, i think because 5 of us never play before and our strategy = no plan hahaha! 1 or 2 players of Team Orange joined laser tag before so they were really well defended and move fast! Although we were lose, but still... we have to proceed to the next level to compete with Team Red for 3rd prize. Too bad, we lose again.....
At the end, we got the same bronze medal with 3rd prize. =) 
It was really a fun workout on weekends! I was really enjoy it a lot! 
ck2's bottle packaging which designed for #the2ofus
An expression of unisex fragrance, the 2-part design unites male and female elements, The joint of rounded bulb and solid square cap is represented a connection of two people.
The THRILL of life, the THRILL of youth, ck2 a scent or #the2ofus.
p/s : i was actually wearing Calvin Klein bra but too bad can't see the logo printed. LOL! Just want to tell you that i am die hard fans of CK. =P
The fragrance is a dual-faceted scent that balances two opposing forces : the strike of spicy electric freshness by Wasabi flavour and the warmth of magnetic woods. These 2 scents merge together to create an urban, alternative and new freshness. 
I tried it and i found that it smells sweet but little woody on me. When i smell others, their scent is more to woody, why huh? Such a unique fragrance!
ck2 eau de toilette spray   RM 289 / 100ml  | RM 219 / 50ml
ck2 deodorant stick    RM 89 / 75g
ck2 will have the happening launch at Mid Valley Center Court from 21st - 27th March 2016, join them to experience the thrill of life.


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  2. why everyone's post about this perfume look extra pretty geh? hehe. Nice post btw!


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