Wong Dynasty Restaurant 我煮王朝 @ Kuchai Lama

March 6, 2016

Wong Dynasty restaurant(我煮王朝) is a new addition to Kuchai Lama Entrepreneur Park, owned by local actor Freddie Wong王骏. It is newly opened for 2 months plus,Wong Dynasty restaurant is fast gaining traction wit their delicious seafood hot pot and steamboat. Last Friday, i had a wonderful foodie gathering at Wong Dynasty restaurant hosted by the owner Freddie Wong and Topchef Roy Wong.
If having meal at seafood restaurant, i would prefer to eat fresh one instead of frozen one, i always feel there are some weird taste on those frozen seafood even though it is well-cooked. Wong Dynasty restaurant has a variety of live seafood that you can order for your hotpot soup and steamboat. An assortment of clams, drunken prawns, prawns, escargot, snakehead fish (sang yu), crabs and geoduck are available at reasonable prices.
Crab prawn hot pot 龙虎烩 (seasonal price)
This is a great tasting soup, rich and creamy with tangy crab to balance out your taste sensation.The taste were sublime! The prawns were perfectly cooked and the aromatic slightly spicy soup was of nice complexity and it is the perfect accompaniment to eat mee hoon with this soup.
 Chicken in Chinese Rice Wine 黄酒鸡 (half chicken @ RM40)
This is a classic chicken dish in Chinese cuisine, rice wine chicken is actually consider as a highly nutritious dish and it is a one of the best confinement dish for women. The broth of this invigorating dish is almost entire made with rice wine, the chicken is so tender, gives you a different textures in an appetising and sweet/spicy broth meanwhile you can smell the fragrance of the wine. 
 Otak-Otak fried rice
This dish is not in the menu, felt so honor when Mr. Freddie Wong presented this special fried rice to us. Personally dislike otak-otak because of the stronger coconut oil smell, you can request this dish if you are fans of otak-otak. =)
 Hainan Noodle海南面   RM16
Can you spot the difference? Traditional Hainan Noodle is using thick egg noodles but Wong Dynasty restaurant is using yellow noodle which gives you a crunchy taste and the zest of lime adds intense flavor to this noodles. It is the best dish of the night. =)
Steamed Patin Fish巴丁鱼  (RM55/ kg)
I love the texture of this perfectly steamed patin fish, the meat was so tender, silky, and delicate. 
Don't be shocked! We had this steamboat after we finish all dishes above at 10 something at night LOL! It was a brilliant soup and highly recommended to all of you. Soup base is roasted pork bone pot (RM 18.80), this broth is often gently simmered for 24 hours or more than that to extract as much nutrients from the herbals and fish, after that put the roasted pork bone at the last stage, become a delightful soup that imparts a delicious flavour to the steamboat ingredients. 
There are steamboat set available at RM17.80/ pax, minimum 2 pax.
Handmade dumpling  RM7.20 / 4 pcs
Handmade prawn ball, cuttlefish chicken ball and pork ball is must-try items, trust me! it is soooo chewy and so nice! RM12.90 each. 
Wong Dynasty Restaurant owner Freddie Wong.
 With top chef Roy Wong and Freddie Wong.
We had a pretty good time at Wong Dynasty, if you are looking at fresh seafood and delicious steamboat ingredients, give it a try! 
Wong Dynasty Restaurant
No 1, Ground Floor, Jalan Kuchai Maju 4,
Kuchai Entrepreneur Park,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

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