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December 14, 2016

Dove Hair Fall Rescue wants women to Count on Dove to solve their hair fall issues with its range which contains Trichazole Actives to help anchor hair firmly in place at the roots while nourishing the area where hair fall occurs. 
The unique complex ingredients in the Dove Hair Fall Rescue System - Trichazole Actives are scientifically proven to prevent natural proteases/enzymes from breaking down “follicle glue” at the root, bond the hair to the scalp at the root for longer by inhibiting enzyme activity. The range prevents hair shedding and visibly reduces hair fall in just 2 weeks.
The Dove Hair Fall Rescue range is available nationwide
Hair Fall Shampoo  RM15.75 (375ml)
Hair Fall Conditioner  RM15.75 (375ml)
Deeply nourish your hair roots and help keeping hair firmly locked in, while immediately sealing the cuticles and strengthening hair to prevent hair fall. 
Hair Fall Rescue Serum   RM21.30
The Hair Fall Rescue Serum with Micro Moisture Serum reduces damage and protects hair from friction, leaves hair strengthened effectively while reducing hair fall by 98%. 
Leave-On Root Intensive Hair Tonic    RM 34.55
The Leave-On Root Intensive Hair Tonic is applied daily, directly to the scalp, and works to visibly reduce hair fall. After just two weeks, hair fall is visibly reduced and hair is stronger from the roots.
Instead of counting hair fall, Dove would like to encourage women to Count On Dove to solve all the hair worries and achieve their dream moments confidently. Dove launched the Count On Dove campaign on 17 October 2016 where women could win a dream-come-true worth up to RM50,000.00. The Count On Dove contest ended on 27 November 2016 and Dove had successfully fulfilled 15 women’s dream moments.
Every woman has her own dream moment. Dove started Count On Dove campaign to empower, inspire and motivate all women out there to share their stories of inspiration and achieve their dream moments confidently with Dove. Dove wants women to stop counting fallen strands, Count On Dove and start celebrating strong and beautiful hair that is deeply nourished and strengthened while heading to their moments that they have always wanted.
Joining the movement, Malaysian presenter and television host, Siow Hui Mei, believes good coffee art comes with sincerity and it brings great pleasure. Hui Mei adores coffee art and cherishes every coffee moment with her loved ones. Hui Mei has always wanted to brew a cup of coffee and make her own latte art. With Dove Hair Fall Rescue range, Hui Mei counted on Dove to eliminate all her hair fall worries and pursue her dream moment of being able to create Instagram-worthy coffee art confidently.
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  1. Good to have Dove products with hair fall protection. will definitely check it out!!


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