Flying Noodles @ Underground Société Sunway

December 18, 2016

You must heard about Flying Noodles before, a noodle has gone viral on social media, the craze hits Singapore in a short time. Yeah~ i know i am a bit late to try this but... it is still better than no try right? I have always been a victim of gimmicks in the food scene, but i have to check it out no matter how's the taste like, LOL! 
YES!! Finally i met you the Flying Noodles at Malaysia! 
Underground Société located at Bandar Sunway, just 5 minutes walk away from Sunway University, row behind Garage 51, happy to introduce their latest along with the interesting menu, 3 flavours of the Flying Noodles which is Flying Zaru Soba, Flying Chic Kut Teh and Flying Udon with Signature Underground Sauce. 
Since i was going with my girl friend only, so i decided to try one of them, the Flying Udon with Signature Underground sauce.
Flying Udon with Signature Underground sauce   RM 20
Apart from its fascinating presentation, the Flying Udon with Signature Underground sauce is comes with thin udon and topped with shredded nori seaweed was hold up with chopsticks, accompanied with pickled cucumbers and steamed edamame. It was pretty similar with cold udon concept but serve together with the creamy thick "Signature Underground Sauce", the dipping sauce is a little salty with a kick of sweetness to tame the bite. Such a unique taste that i don't know how to describe, acceptable but i just not really like the udon because it is too soft for me. 
By the way, please don't too greedy to soak the noodles in the sauce for long time. 
Another 2 variants of Flying Noodles, serves with similar side dishes but with different sauces. 
Flying Zaru Soba, RM 19 - cold soba serves with a savoury chicken herbal broth.
Flying Chic Kut Teh, RM 19 - cold thin udon serves with Japanese soy based dipping sauce.
It was like stepping into a trick-eye-museum, you must be wondering why the noodles were seemingly floating in mid-air, especially me wanted to know this trick badly so i can apply this concept to my cake design. *wink* 
Hands off and let the noodles fly!
 Hmm.... the lighting at Underground Societe is too dark, i took 6281 pictures with using DSLR until pissed off, haiz.... the photo noise is too annoying! 
Come on, fly into my mouth please~~~ 
Never mind, this is one of the best Insta-worthy food so far, LOL! Luckily the noodles is cold as we took too much time to taking photos, Boomerang and Insta-stories of this fancy thing.
Skip this paragraph if you don't want to know the trick behind.
Sadly to tell that Harry Potter doesn't exist in our world, also there are no such a high-tech magic apply on this flying noodles. There was a hidden pair of chopsticks attached perpendicular to the floating chopsticks, making it look like flying. Then, draped a pile of noodles over it to complete the illusion.
While no fancy magic is going on here, the food and ambience at Underground Société were still pretty satisfying, an ideal place for dating and special occasions. 
200g Grain-fed Australian Beef Tenderloin with Mashed Potatoes and Robert Sauce   RM45
A popular dish of Underground Societe. The Australian beef tenderloin is quite tender, drizzled with Robert sauce which is a brown mustard sauce derived from the Classic French Espagnole sauce, a very rich, slightly tangy, and flavorful sauce that goes great with a delicate grilled tenderloin. Recommended dish for coming Christmas celebration. =)
 Underground Fried Chicken  RM 26
This is really finger licking good! The fried chicken was good with a nice crisp. Go for it if you are looking for light snack after Flying noodles.  
Crispy Chicken W Kimchi Bao   RM 11 
It's a fusion creative creation, Kimchi's smell is not a pleasant smell but taste not bad, just it is messy to eat. 
Pineapple Gin   RM 25
The gin is mild so not to worry to get drunk. This is my favourite drink as it is so refreshing. Watch the sparkles light up at the darkness, nothing like sitting on the back porch and sipping a refreshing cocktail at the end of a long day.
 Oriental Yoghurt   RM 25
In Underground Societe, you always surprise with their menu because you will never know what is that inside hahaha! 
Look at this sake bottle, i was assume this is something mix with sake but not! it is a yogurt cocktail, it is smooth yet packed with mild yogurt and alcohol taste. 
 Underground Grenade   RM 26
The cafe's signature dessert is this boozy Bombe Alaska! 
Best order for special occasion and shared by two. This dessert is contain alcohol, that is strawberry ice cream inside the flambeed meringue! Perfect dessert as a nice finish of your meal experience. 
Overall, Underground Societe has a very vibrant environment, i think there is no window in restaurant? You can really enjoy your time without knowing outside is raining or not *LOL!*, spend your perfect day here with your friends or family with foods, drinks and laughter. 
Underground Société
68, Jalan PJS 11/7,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Subang Jaya,
Tel: +603-7496 7327
Business Hours: 11am – 12.30am daily

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