December 1, 2016

100PLUS believes in the greatness of living an active lifestyle and constantly motivates its consumer to rediscover the amazing mood changing feeling ones get from being active. Coupling active lifestyle and fun as a whole, 100PLUS is bringing the Running Man experience to Malaysia with the event "RUNNING MAN CHALLENGE - HYDRATED BY 100PLUS” in partnership with ONE HD.

A series of nationwide audition had taken place in Kuantan, Johor Bahru and Putrajaya respectively that put ones mental and physical capability into challenge to handpick 10 participants with the best fit to participate in “Running Man Challenge Hydrated By 100PLUS“ final challenge. 
These selected participants will then be assigned into different teams led by Malaysian Celebrities - Ajak Shiro (Team Original), Ayda Jebat (Team Berry), Hairul Azreen (Team Orange) and Shahrul Ridzwan (Team Lemon Lime).
The teams will compete in a set of customised challenges on the “RunningMan Challenge Hydrated by 100PLUS” set, happening on the 26th of November 2016 in Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya where they fight for the very first Running Man Challenge Champion for Malaysia.
On that day, there are about 10,000 fans filled up the Upper Atrium, Paradigm Mall with thousands more outside the mall.
Lee Kwang-soo is one of the member of the popular Korean variety show- Running Man. His most notable nicknames on the show include "giraffe" , "Kwangvatar" and he has earned himself other nicknames like "Prince of Asia" and “God of Variety”, due to his huge fan base all over Asia. 
The winning team from Malaysia will have a chance to play with the favourited player from Running Man Korea - Lee Kwang Soo.
 OMGGGG!!!! I love Korea RunningMan and Kwang-Soo oppa so much!!! 
I was very very excited when got this media invitation but too bad, the organiser not allow us to take 'selfie' with him. =(
The one-day event will be filmed and released on ONE HD – ASTRO Ch393 on 1st January 2017 at 4.45pm as the first Running Man Challenge show recorded in Malaysia.

For more info, please visit us at 
Catch the latest episodes of RunningMan on ONE HD – ASTRO Ch 393, airing every Friday at 11pm within 1 week from Korea’s telecast!

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