Cure, Japan's No.1 exfoliation is now in Malaysia!

December 12, 2016

Have you heard about 'CURE' before?
Cure, Japan's most popular skin care product amongst consumers, actresses and models. Since 2002, many leading Japanese magazines have featured Cure for its popularity without paqid-advertisment, also has been chosen as a gift for the winners and nominees of the most famous cinematic achievement in 2008. In Japan, it is not easy to become famous, featured in social media or printed magazine without paid and been awarded but Cure did it!
My first product of Cure is Cure Natural Aqua Gel, it is their top one star product which hits the record of selling out one bottle in every 12 seconds!!!
I bought it in Japan since 2012, i was impressed with its visible result, so i must buy few bottles to keep as back up if i go to Japan in this few years. Without a fancy packaging, didn't change bottle design since its first launch, but Cure Natural Aqua Gel touted as Japan's No.1 exfoliation which consistently topped the best-selling skincare charts in @Cosme (famous Japanese beauty website).

Exfoliation is very important to our beauty regimen, it is a process that takes away dead skin cells from the surface of your body skin that are the cause for clogging pores and aging signs, allow our skin continuously regenerating itself. Almost all of skin problems are caused by accumulated dead skin layer on our skin surface, you can't remove dead skin if you are using make-up remover, washing foam or soap. That's why you need exfoliation to totally cleanse the skin, get rid of whiteheads and blackheads and give your face skin soft and flawless look.
Traditional exfoliations in market are most like chemical peeling to dissolve protein which easily damage your skin. Gritty scrubs are definitely off-limits, but you can benefit from a mild, short-contact exfoliating product such as Cure Natural Aqua Gel! 
Cure Natural Aqua Gel
Cure is the most gentle exfoliation on your skin because 90% of ingredient is Hydrogen Water and suitable for all skin type (even though for sensitive skin). This exfoliation provides safest and most effective without damaging your skin through an innovative, preservative-free, fragrance-free, colouring-free, alcohol-free, and mineral oil free formula. Not only can apply on face but also can be used practically anywhere with skin (feet, hands, heels, legs) ! 
A bottle can lasts up to 4 months. 
Step 1 : Remove all makeup, wash your face and towel dry well.
Step 2 : Pump a small amount of Cure onto your fingertips.
Step 3 : In a circular motion, massage gel onto your face or the area of concern where you want to remove the dead skin.
* Please make sure your face / body are dry before using Cure. 
Step 4 : Once the dead skin cells have come off, rinse with water and continue with your regular skin care routine. 
Skin Care Step for your ideal skin
Makeup remover & cleansing -> Cure exfoliation -> lotion -> serum & moisturizer
Recommend to use only twice per week for the best result. 
* Do take note that Cure doesn't work well under wet and cold conditions, please store it at room temperature. 
I’ve used review other exfoliators in the past but Cure is my favourite tho. My face smooth like baby skin and much brighter after using Cure, i can immediately feel my skin is soft after washing off. The second time i used in the same week, i found there weren’t any white flakes anymore at the same spot of my first time exfoliated skin, it's just fascinating to see the dead skin cells coming off. I’ve lots of clogged pores on my cheeks and blackheads on my nose, i so scared to make facial appointment because every time i was pain like hell when doing facial extractions especially on my nose part! Honestly i felt like want to punch the beautician LOL! 
Thanks to the powerful of Cure, my blackhead are removed one after another without painful, but yay! compare to facial extractions, it is not efficient that can remove all in one time. However, that is more than enough for me to do something at home, to avoid my blackhead getting worst. I am addicted with it, love it! 
On a side note, i was attended Cure Water Treatment recently, so i add a short description about this product.
Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream 
A skin cream that combines toning water and lotion in one to deliver a splash of water.
- Same as Cure Natural Aqua Gel, Water treatment cream is also gentle to the skin and suitable for sensitive skin.
- Used 75% Hydrogen to preventing skin oxidization.
- None greasy
- No coloring, no fragrance, non-oil based
- Once apply on skin and massage, cream will becomes watery for a faster rate of skin absorption. 
- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
I tried it on my hand and i really felt such a non-toxic silicon forms a veil on my hand, gentleness yet smoothness. 
Now, i don't need to travel all the way to Japan and bought it home. Cure is finally landed in Malaysia! 
Exclusively available at all SaSa outlets. 
For more information about Cure, please visit SaSa's website and Facebook page

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