Seri Nyonya Restaurant @ Hotel Equatorial Melaka

December 15, 2016

Hi all! I was suffering from my eyes infections and not recovery yet, so i didn't update my blog this week. > <!! i can't work in few hours continuously. Remember my previous post about Hotel Equatorial Malacca staycation? This time i wan to introduce a truly authentic home cooked style Nyonya cuisine to you who have no idea where to eat in this historical town. 
Seri Nyonya is an authentic Peranakan restaurant located on Level 3 of Hotel Equatorial, Melaka. Unlike to others commercial Nyonya restaurant, Seri Nyonya is well known to present very home cook styled authentic Nyonya meals which you hardly to find at outside. 

The restaurant is crafted in the Nyonya and Baba styles, interior design in traditional baba-nyonya's residential house in Malacca.

Top Hat "Pai Tee"   RM16
 A presentable appetiser, also is my favourite! Crispy deep-fried puff stuffed with vegetables, crispy puff skin mixed with crunchy refreshing vegetable in a bite, so nice! 
 Nyonya Popiah   RM6
Homemade spring roll stuffed with turnip strips, bean sprouts, shredded egg-roll served with homemade sweet paste. 
 Otak-Otak Nyonya   RM7
I don't like to eat Otak-Otak because most of the Otak-Otak i had before is smelly, i can't find a good chef to cook it lol! This Otak-Otak is good because i like its spicy mackerel fish paste is flavourful with secret spices and then grilled in banana leaf. 
 Sup "Hee Peow"   RM19 (Small) | RM29 (Medium) | RM45 (large)
Dried fish bladder boiled with mixed vegetable and garnished with egg roll, a very 'homey' flavourful soup. We ordered small size for 5 of us. 
 Udang Lemak Nenas   RM30 (Small) | RM45 (Medium) | RM64 (large)
Recommended to you all! Fresh and juicy prawns cooked in aromatic spicy coconut gravy with juicy sliced pineapple, a dish that's packed with full, fragrant flavour that wow your plate. 
Steam fish. 
Bendi Goreng  RM12 (Small) | RM17(Medium) | RM24 (large)
Fresh and crunchy lady's fingers stir fried with choice of dried shrimp sambal or garlic. The dried shrimp sambal is excellent as a dipping sauce to add an extra layer of flavour that gives extra little spicy kick. I love it!!! 
Cendol  RM7 
YOU MUST TRY!!! This was soooo good!! Good cendol is not so easily found, often it comes too watery or overly sweet. I am glad to find my favorite at Malacca after been few times here. This Cendol is delightful, light, refreshing with Gula Melaka to give it that rounded mouth feel. The ratio of gula melaka is just nice for my tastebuds, aromatic but not overwhelming, not too sweet. 
Overall, the dishes are delicious and affordable with beautiful ambiance. Their portion is bigger than others, so if you usually order medium, then you have to order small one at Seri Nyonya. If you are looking for Nyonya Cuisine during Melaka trip, definitely this is a good choice for you. 
Seri Nyonya Restaurant
Hotel Equatorial Melaka
Bandar Hilir
75000 Melaka, Malaysia.
Business hours : 12 pm to 2.30 pm  |  6 pm to 10.30 pm

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