Scent Maker : Crazy Love & Laurel

December 10, 2016

I believe scent can trigger memories so strong and real it feels like you’ve been transported back in time, for example the unique scent of the mother to the infant is referred to as her olfactory signature. Here i would like to introduce a new perfume brand which was newly launch in Malaysia, that is Scent Maker. 

Scent Maker is about the story of the perfumer. A travelling alchemist, a third generation perfumer, crossing deserts, oceans and terrain. The perfumer picks up new smells and stores them in his mind, each scent is a chapter, and each chapter a new journey. In the launching, i got the chance to try their best selling signature blend Crazy Love, and also limited edition blend Laurel.
It is Scent Maker's signature and also best selling. The creation of this juice reminds me of the happiness, the hugs and our beloved one, is a wonderful smell of sweet and blissful emotions. I don't like to apply perfume because i have sensitive nose, feel uncomfortable if i smell something too strong or too 'perfume'. Crazy Love has a floral rosy sweetness and a hint of citrus freshness, and surrounded by a spicy cinnamon middle note, then ends with musk scent. It smell so nice! 
Top Notes : Rose, Bergamot Lime, Citrus
Heart Notes : Peppers, Spicy cinnamon
Base Notes : Musk

It is a limited edition special blend that ONLY selling 200 bottles worldwide every month. With stronger smell of citrus fruit, burst with freshness and greenery. The creation of this juice is a tribute to all of our parents and our guardians, as they take on the role to care in their phase within the natural circle of life. The scent is meant to bring hope to you. 
Top Notes: Citrus Fruits, Bergamot, Lime

Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk

I prefer the Crazy Love because smell feminine but not too sweet and with a hint of fresh scent in middle, suitable for any occasion if compare to Laurel. 

Price: EDP (50ml) RM180  | EDP (100ml) RM290
Exclusively available outlets at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Parkson Maju Junction and Parkson IOI City Mall.

For more information, kindly visit


  1. I prefer Laurel as I love the smell of jasmine. It can make me feel so good for the whole day. :)

  2. It looks so pretty! Would've loved to try this out!

  3. it looks so interesting a nice... i want to give it a try too...

  4. so fancy looking! not much a perfume person, but i will give it a try =)

  5. Love the perfume a lot. Am using it everyday now

  6. Love the design of the bottle. gives me the rustic feel. Always nice to have a special scent to call your own. So it can be your signature.


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