How to Choose the versatility and good looking travel backpack for Women?

October 28, 2016

What is your travel essential? For me, i prefer pack it as light as possible. A travel backpack which is going to be your companion throughout your entire journey. Travel backpacks have advantages over wheeled luggage, more malleable and easier to store than a hard case luggage. You’ll be more mobile, more comfortable, and you’ll often save money too if you are travelling to neighbourhood country ior in short vacation. At least travel backpack is suitable for general world travel, i love to carry backpacks when i travelling to island. Usually we need to up and down/ switch transport from ship to small boat, I’ve met people who carry up to luggage when same boat with me, they sweat, they curse and at the end they might hurt themselves during the progress, that is crazy! A travel backpack is also can used as an alternative space in case you need to divide your items along the way. Yeah! I bring a backpack during my Japan trip, it is so useful since i need to travel from Tokyo -> Kyoto -> Osaka. 
What i did is "take as little as possible." I take only the essentials, and packed into travel backpack then courier my heavy luggage to the final destination. 

However, that is an issue for women, we’re always too greedy on the lookout for something that’s both functional and looks good. We don’t want to have to sacrifice comfort for style so make sure to pick a travel backpack that’s lightweight enough to carry around all day while still managing to make you feel amazing style wise with it on your back.
Keep in tune with the travel modes you’re planning for - near, far, urban or outdoors. You’ll want to make sure that your travel backpack aids in your travel just like a pair of comfy shoes would. Travel backpacks come in varying sizes, styles and designs. You’ll get distracted by all the backpack beauty so here’s a roundup to choosing the right one for you.
How to Choose the right versatility and good looking travel backpack? 
1. The Hiking Backpack

One of the most popular choices, the Hiking backpack is your go to for carrying weight at long distances. Suitable for hiking, on the go and budget travel. For most outdoor travel, a hiking backpack is the your go to. Hiking backpacks are also mostly top loaded. You’ve got to bear in mind that hiking backpacks are also usually bulky so only choose this if you’ll be walking around with important items all day and need the comfort plus space.

2. The “Specific” Travel Backpack

When a hiking backpack is just too large too heavy for you to lug around, resort to a specific travel backpack instead. These are usually more “free” in terms of size, design and style. But be warned, they’re usually not recommended for long-day carrying. These would be perfect if you’re travelling light and over short distances as well as in less extensive periods. Travel specific backpacks sometimes include a zipper in the middle or “belly” of the backpack for convenience much like a suitcase.

3. The Day Pack Backpack

It’s usually only big enough to carry around essentials for a day trip, but also works well for big travel plan. Due to advances in bag making tech, Daypacks are now made with various sizes and volumes to conveniently replace a hiking backpack capacity. Modern day daypacks are also more stylish so this is where women often fall for daypacks instead.

Your travel journey becomes so much easier once you force yourself to pack light. So my ladies, learn to find packing guides that are even more minimalist for yourself.
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