Get the new iPhone 7 on ReNew+ from RM160 per month!

October 29, 2016

Many people are used to picking up a new phone every years, since smartphone company launch new smartphone every year now. But do you think the price is getting higher for those high-end smartphones? Even though engaged with the plans offered by local carriers, still.... not worth it and hell expensive! So i didn't change my old phone since 2 years ago, but my phone is getting slower and laggy now due to their IOS updates too many times until my ld phone's processors is not powerful to afford. I want to change it when the launch of iPhone 7, headache on which plan is worthy until someone introduced this to me... 
"No upfront payment, get the new iPhone 7 on ReNew+ from RM160 per month, plus an upgrade to a new smartphone every 12 months without the hassle of any upgrading or termination fees." 
Is this a great deal?
Not only this, there is also comes bundled with ‘Phone Guard’ that provides a one-year free protection for cracked screen replacement. 
Is this offer too tempting?!! OMGGG!!! 
Some of you might heard about CompAsia before? It operates its first facility headquartered in Petaling Jaya to repair, rebuild and refurbish all types of IT equipment ranging from traditional PCs like desktops and laptops to mobile consumer devices such as smart phones and tablets. 
Regional IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) company, ComputerAsia Sdn Bhd ( brandname CompAsia ), had just unveiled a smart ownership programme called ‘ReNew+’ to fundamentally change the way people buy and own their smartphones in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. 
How Does ‘ReNew+’ Work? 
Available to all prepaid or postpaid customers, as long as you have a Maybank Credit Card!
Well, this promotion is definitely suitable for me, the lazy girl LOL! It is run via a click & collect service, enjoy the comfort while doing online shopping at home. ^^
Step 1 : Purchase the latest iPhones from CompAsia‘s online store ( ) or from the participating stores of its collaborating partners.
Step 2 : Choose the collect in store option from the delivery page and select your pick up location. 
Step 3 : Once you received an order confirmation email, simply visit the store to pay via Maybank credit card, tied to MayBank’s EzyPay that offers an interest-free instalment plan of up to 24 months! 
After 12 months of payments,
You are able to get the next generation iPhone without the hassle of any upgrading or termination fees! 
Benefits of ReNew+
- 1 year one-time cracked screen replacement
- Low monthly instalment 
- ReNew+ is uniquely carrier-independent as it frees users from having to be locked to a single carrier for two years. 
- Users are free to switch carriers even after 12 months without the hassle of getting out of a carrier’s specific two-year plan. 
- No upfront Payment
- Another option of delivery : Registered parcel delivery with insurance.
- 7 days return policy
I was pretty happy while i heard they are offering 1 year one-time cracked screen replacement, because it just happened on my brother's new smartphone, screen cracked and he called to service centre, it took RM1k plus to repair it and the most funny thing is the staff suggested better grab the new one because it is not worth. Well... at the end, my brother didn't go for it. 
The awesome instalment plan
So tempting right? I can't wait to sign up this for my new iPhone 7, save more and a hassle-free upgrade deal!! 
CompAsia’s ReNew+ will also be unleashing yet another exciting upgrade opportunity for high-end Android devices by early next year too. More significantly, it is set to be ‘brand-free’ as qualified customers can also upgrade their smartphones to different high-end brands.
Don't having to be with a single carrier, no more upgrade fees or early contract termination fees either, CompAsia has just made buying a new smartphone every year more affordable! 
Find out more information / FAQ on their website! 
ComputerAsia Sdn Bhd
Suite 2.04 Level 2,
Wisma Academy,
No. 4A, Jalan 19/1,
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Business Hours:
Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 6.00pm 
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday

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