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October 10, 2016

Hands up all those who knows Watsons, no matter youngster or old folks, everyone know Watsons right? The Watsons Brand has a long standing legacy of providing affordable, high-quality and value for money products for the household. Hence, it became a favorite amongst its customers in Asia and Europe.  
Let's tell me what will you purchase in Watsons? Normally is health and beauty products. =)
But did you support Watsons their own brand products before? 
FYI, Watsons managed to sell more than 352 million Watsons Brand products in 2015, ONLY in ASIA alone. 
At the media launch, Watsons celebrity friends in Malaysia showcased their support to Watsons Brand with the Switch and Save campaign. 
Guests and members of the media went through the Switch Test session whereby they make comparison between Watsons Brand products and other brands without knowing the name of the brands. This session was to encourage and educate guests and members of the media that the Watsons Brand products were equally good in quality but came with better in value for money. 
The Watsons Brand go through an extensive research and development programme and stringent quality process goes into each Watsons Brand item to create products that are safe and effective in meeting Watsons customers’ needs. Each Watsons Brand product is put through an 18-month quality control test and is tested again throughout the production process, to make sure that Watsons customers receive nothing but the best. 
With Watsons, you get more value from hard-earned money spent on quality affordable products and enjoy more savings to enjoy the things that matter in life. With a wider variety of products, from personal care items, beauty essentials, and healthcare, Watsons provides us the choice to save as much without compromising on quality.
So, it's time to switch to Watsons Brand for great quality and save more money! 
In conjunction with the Switch and Save campaign with Watsons Brand, Watsons VIP members and customers can look forward for attractive promotion in store nationwide and Online at www.watsons.com.my

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