Sungai Long 668 food court, NEW hawker centre @ Sg Long

October 16, 2016

Malaysia is blessed with different races and cultures, it is a foodie’s paradise! But have you ever experienced that awkward silence when you are asked about Malaysia's special or must-eat foods? "Yes I am~!" 
Because Malaysia is a foodie's paradise, because Malaysia have too much delicious foodssssss.... 
I don't know where can i start with it. Hence, i would always suggest hawker centre if you are looking for variety local foods because you can get something no less satisfying than a meal in a high-end restaurant with very cheap price.
Sungai Long 668 food court is a newly opened hawker centre for economical local fare, it is a outdoor hawker centre with 50% open-air and 50% under-cover concept. Located in the vicinity of Bandar Sungai Long, easy accessible via the Jalan Sungai Long, while easily links to SILK Highway within few minutes of drive. May be it just opened for a month, i took some time to find out where is it. 
Location Tips : Same row with Honda 4S centre Sungai Long, search "Budiman Business Park" if you are using WAZE; type "Sungai Long 668" if you search via google map. 
Although it just newly opened, but it is a hit with residents in Bandar Sungai Long, Batu 11, Kajang, Mahkota Cheras and Cheras these 5 estates. Especially during weekends, there was a steady queue throughout the day. 
When you are after that wokhei-heavy, sweet black sauce taste, you might check out their Char Keoy Teow or Sing Chew Mee Hoon. 
If you wish to have some tummy warming dishes, do not forgetting to try pork mee hoon soup! 
For people who love spicy food, Asam Laksa / Sarawak Laksa/ Spicy roasted fish/ Nasi Lemak may be in your list? 
Chicken rice is a easy, budget-friendly one-dish meals.
Craving something which doused in a sweet, peanut-y sauce? You can find rojak here. 
No worries, there is a western steak stall also, most of the kids love it. 
Grill Chicken Wings and Satay always is my favourite hawker snacks after meal. 
Do not miss out the Dim Sum and Baoz, taste so good! 
*hmm... of course you can't compare this with hotel or chain restaurant la!*
No doubt Sungai Long 668 food court is a hawker centre with great foods and ensure that you'll be spoiled for choice. 
Sungai Long 668 food court 
(same row with Honda 4S centre Sungai Long)
No. Lot 1716, Batu 11 Cheras,
43000 Cheras, Selangor.

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  1. I went to this foodcourt for once and the last as I found the price is slightly expensive than the rest hawker stalls in Sg Long and Mahkota Cheras. After almost a year, the place seems lacking of customers thus lesser hawker stalls


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