Enjoyable a road trip with HONDA !

October 28, 2016

I had a recent road trip to Malacca, 2 days 1 night trip hit the highways which took about 1 hour 45 minutes driving distance is just prefect for short getaway!

Thanks to Honda Malaysia for embarked on a road trip and scavenger drive game to Malacca. Total 12 bloggers joined in this trip, we were given the chance to ride with 3 latest Honda cars along the way which is Honda City, Honda Jazz and Honda HR-V. Its not often as a blogger that we get to spend so much time with one vehicle, except our own car. I am kinda curious and interested on a few features of the latest Honda cars but never really had a chance to fully appreciate them on shorter test drives.

Our start line is Sunway Nexis Mall, my first test drive vehicle is the latest model Honda City in new color - Dark Ruby Red Pearl.

Just a quick introduction for Honda City :
As the B-segment leader and No.1 choice among Malaysians, also is one of Honda's best-selling model. Coupled with the advanced Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) that was developed under Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology for fuel economy.
Engine: 1.5L SOHC i-VTEC

Features : 8 Cup Holders, smart storage compartments, a 7-inch Display Audio with MirrorLink function (V variant), USB & HDMI Ports, Smart Entry and Push Start button (E and V variant) and Rear Ventilation Air-Conditioning (E and V variant). The boot space of the City at 536L is the largest in its class, making packing for family road trips a breeze.
Safety features : 6 Airbags (V variant) (including Dual front SRS Airbags, i-Side Airbags and side Curtain Airbags), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) (E & V variant), Emergency Stop Signal (E and V variant), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and ISOFIX.
Colours :  Dark Ruby Red Pearl, Taffeta White, Modern Steel Metallic, Alabaster Silver Metallic and Crystal Black Pearl.
On The Road Price with Insurance (Inclusive GST 6%)
RM76100(Grade S) | RM79300 (Grade S+) | RM84600 (Grade E) | RM92000 (Grade V)

Magnificent road trip with Honda is begin! We stop at Seremban R&R for short briefing and exchange car, i got the Honda HR-V in the NEW color Dark Ruby Red Pearl, that is the car I'm interested in! Like jumping into a car with a driver you don’t know, i spend some times to sizing up the brain in charge, working out how to drive it.

Honda HR-V, lead position in the compact SUV segment. Combined with the Earth Dreams Technology Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT), the HR-V with Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) status, offers fuel efficient performance and a smooth driving experience. Particularly, new 17” wheel design for all variants which will enhance the dynamic look of the HR-V.
Engine : 1.8L SOHC i-VTEC

Features : Multi-Utility Cargo Space, various versatile rear seat configurations from Utility Mode, Automatic Brake Hold, Electric Parking Brake, Tall Mode to Long Mode can be adjusted to meet the needs of all lifestyles and uses.

Colours : Dark Ruby Red Pearl, Taffeta White, Modern Steel Metallic and Ruse Black Metallic.
On The Road Price with Insurance (Inclusive GST 6%)
RM102200 (1.8L S) | RM111800 (1.8L E) | RM122200 (1.8L V)

Flag off and heading to the Seafarer for lunch.

Kick start the Scavenger Drive game after we had lunch by the seaside restaurant, we were divided into 2 teams - Convoy A & B, i was in Convoy B.

My Convoy B

Honda crew make a scavenger hunt list for Convoy A & B regarding with 3 different Honda cars specification that we drove on the day -
Sport equipment -Honda Jazz ; Home & kids products -Honda City; Travel equipment -Honda HR-V; in other words, I drove Honda HR-V when the game is started, so i got to find travel equipment at certain pitstop. Before we flag off from Sunway Nexis Mall, Honda crew let everyone look over the list so we’re familiar with we’re searching for. But the hardest part of this game is we don't know what car we will switch to during the journey, so we have to memorise all items for 3 cars!

 They highlight places on our travel route, Convoy A & B start at a different clue, that way everyone is looking for something different. When found the things, "touch it" and it belongs to you; if touch the wrong item, marks will be deducted. Most items found and arrange nicely at the car trunk wins.
The Scavenger Drive took us from Seafarer through Muzium Kapal Selam Klebang Malacca, to the Menara Taming Sari, and last pitstop at Masjid Terapung.

See! This Honda HR-V is amazingly to fit more than you can imagine! We put 2 cooler box, 1 small luggage, 1 hand-carry baggage, 1 biggest luggage, 5 foldable chairs, 1 picnic bag, 1 big box, big camping luggage and myself in the car trunk LOL! Winner team will be announced on the next day, so we proceed to 1825 Gallery Hotel and take a good rest before head to dinner.

The 1825 Gallery Hotel is inspired by the theme of antiquity, bringing the experience and atmosphere of the bygone days to reality – it’s truly yesterday once more. Instilling the look and feel of the past into the hearts of its every guest, it retells its very story from how it used to function as a flour storehouse to being one of the best hotels in the state today. Every inch of the Hotel is designed with great attention to details – from its walls to its sky well and every piece of furniture, the aura of elegance is significantly accentuated.
Jeng Jeng Jeng!!! I am staying alone, my room is the Executive Suite, OMG so beautiful!
The room is extremely spacious with comfortable bedding and beautiful view of the river. The bathroom is just amazing with a Jacuzzi and view of river!!! 
Well~ i can't wait to enjoy my "ME" time tonight, thanks again Handa Malaysia! ^^

Dinner time at Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant (Halal).
Day 2
Teams announced during breakfast time as winners of Scavenger Drive game. Yahoo!!!! We are the winners!!!
Had Nyonya food as lunch at Seri Nyonya Peranakan Restaurant Hotel Equatorial.

Comparison of Honda City and competitor car.

Honda City

Competitor Car
These 2 cars have almost same features and performance, Honda crew wanted to show their Honda car's selling point "big on space" is not bluffing. We move all the items from Honda City to competitor car, put all back into same places, however competitor car trunk cannot fit in all. Once again, it prove that you'll be enjoy every Honda car ride with the amazingly spacious.

I drove Honda Jazz on Day 2, depart to KL after the delicious Klebang coconut shake.

The design concept of the bold and sporty looking Jazz with its sleek headlights, alloy wheels and rear combi lights has captured the hearts of its young customers with multi-faceted lifestyles. ContinuousVariable Transmission (CVT) to provide dynamic performance and better fuel efficiency.
Highlight is the well known Versatile Magic Seats offers four different configuration modes which allow versatile usage of the space.
Engine : 1.5L SOHC i-VTEC
Features : 9 cup holders, smart storage compartments, 7” Display Audio, USB & HDMI Ports and Touch Panel Auto Air-Conditioning.

 ISO Fix for attachment points in child safety seats.

Safety features : 6 Airbags (V variant; including Dual Front SRS Airbags, Side Airbags and Side Curtain Airbags), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) (E & V variants), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and ISOFIX.
Colours : Carnival Red, Tinted Silver, Taffeta White, Crystal Black Pearl and Modern Steel Metallic.
On The Road Price with Insurance (Inclusive GST 6%)
RM73800 (1.5L S) | RM81000 (1.5L E) | RM89400 (1.5L V)

Honda Malaysia had brought my adventurous soul to explore in Malacca town, this 2 days road trip was filled with adventure and fun. Every moment spent behind the wheel was enjoyable. Against a comparably equipped sedan, personally think Honda is the smarter purchase no matter you’re moving or taking a road trip.

Overall, I was quite happy to be driving these 3 Honda cars. Ordinary turbocharged accelerated at full throttle very fast, rode respectably well on broken pavement and stayed decently quiet at highway speeds. Honda was a pleasing companion the entire time, of course there are other vehicles one could point to that are more comfortable, roomier, sportier or more fuel-efficient. But it would be rare to find one in the Honda's price range that hits all of those notes so nicely. It is not the perfect one, but it is loveable all the way. =)
For more information, please visit any Honda dealer or please call Honda Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020, or log on to www.honda.com.my.


  1. love driving honda hrv. next time driving it, definitely driving my own hrv :D

  2. It was so fun to read your article, as though I was there myself. I bet you had an enjoyable time driving all these Hondas. Wish I have one as well!

  3. This car is my dream car. Can fit so much of my children bags especially when we go for holiday.

  4. such a nice and colourful article! :) .. honda, the power of dreams

  5. No wonder it is called the power of dreams.. the car is so dreamy and soo spacious... wish I had more money and can buy one for myself... huhuhu

  6. Nice road trip with Honda! Looks so much fun there

  7. Wow such a fun trip to Melaka, I like Honda for its fast accelerating and road handling.

  8. Wow Honda, one of my favorite brands, for its trusted quality and performance :)


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