Canton Kitchen 老招牌@ Glo Damansara Mall

October 30, 2016

If you were a kid in the 60's or 70's, or you are a foodie, you might have heard of Bukit Tinggi famous of Bentong ginger. Known as the King of Ginger, Bentong ginger is more juicy and spicy.  Founded in 1988, Canton Kitchen 老招牌[know as Restaurant Foon Lock老招牌欢乐美食饭店], the most famous and the earliest Chinese restaurant in Bukit Tinggi which serving GuangXi cuisine. 
Garden View restaurant at Kampung Bukit Tinggi, is the first branch of Restaurant Foon Lock which inspired from Taiwan farm, has a mini vegetable garden and open for public visitor. Now, Canton Kitchen has expanded its horizons over four different outlets catering to patrons in the Klang Valley and Pahang, they want to be transformed into a trendy restaurant so they opened few branches with the name Canton Kitchen in Klang Valley - Selayang, Setapak, Taman Gembira and Glo Damansara Mall. 

Neither entirely modern or traditional, it seeks to blend elements of multiple styles.
Canton Kitchen incorporate some traditional vintage piece into a modern décor, i like the retro feel.
At here, you can purchase the fresh vegetables from Bukit Tinggi and the local products from there.
Get ready to amazed by Bentong Ginger dishes!
In Canton Kitchen, the vegetable and chicken is from their own farm, so guarantee 100% fresh and good quality. 
Bentong Ginger Tea   RM9.90/ pot
 Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Balls 金瓜番薯蛋  RM9.90
Sweet Potato balls was my favourite when i was small, however i can't find the as delicious as i had before, my mother also lazy to make it for me. This pumpkin and sweet potato balls are slightly tasteless for me as i didn't taste the strong flavour from pumpkin and sweet potato. 
Steam River Prawn  清蒸河虾
 [Signature dish] Steaming can preserve the quality of the ingredients and lock up all the goodness in it. The river prawns on a bed of egg white is taste so fresh and scrumptious! 
 Kampung Chicken in Guang Xi Style 广西白切鸡   RM24.90
I seldom eat chicken expect Nandos, LOL! but in Chinese cuisine, my all time favorite will be 白切鸡! Because i love the smooth, tender, juicy and naturally sweet flavours of fresh chicken, yum yum~! This Kampung Chicken's meat is slightly rough, which is not a cup of my tea. 
 Guang Xi Style Braised Pork  广西扣肉
 Steam Tilapia Fish with Assam paste  南洋亚参蒸金凤鱼
[Signature dish] Soft and juicy flesh tilapia steamed with tangy Assam paste, topped with crunchy lady fingers. It is excellent to be served with steamed white rice and I can eat my rice just with this one dish alone! 
Ginger Wine Chicken Steam Mihun  姜酒菜园鸡蒸米粉 RM22.90
[Signature dish] You can't imagine how nice the taste of this steamed chicken was. Ginger and rice wine are a taste sensation, the chicken become more tender after steamed in rice wine, every mouthful of the Mihun comes divinely good!!! 
 Signature Homemade Beancurd   枫林豆腐  RM18.90 
Silky smooth egg bean curd is freshly homemade, stir-fried together with minced pork and long beans topping, some seaweed inside the beancurd. 
French Beans with Dried Shrimp 虾米富贵豆
Canton Kitchen is a casual-dining establishment featuring a menu of exquisite Guangxi specialties, where guests can enjoy it with affordable price at comfortable environment without worry on parking problem. =)
Canton Kitchen 老招牌@ Glo Damansara Mall

Unit No.1.20 & 1.21, 
Level 1, Glo Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel : +603 7731 9810

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