2016 Annual Furry Princesses Trip to the beach!

October 10, 2016

#throwbackpost to August 2016 ;)
Finally, i managed to organise the annual beach trip with my mum & sister, of course tag along with my precious furkids Princess V & Golden Dou Dou.
Going to same place, same beach and same resort, so i don't plan to write a whole long blog post here. 
If you wish to know more about my previous annual furkids trip, please check my blog under label "Cherating".
If you want to know more about this pet friendly resort Malaysia, watch my video at the end of this blog post! 
Yes, you are onboard now!
This time, we were celebrating both of their birthday at Cherating. Princess V is turn to 7 and Golden Dou Dou is turn to 6 years old. 
Time flies, i don't know how many years can bake a birthday cake for them but i will appreciate every second i have with them and the part I played in it. 
Taking cute photos of dog is tough, especially dark hair dog (my Princess V), have such a keen sense of hearing (Golden Dou Dou) and spacious place wtf. So, i am kinda ugly looking in all pictures, please ignore my 衣衫不整's look.
We took more than 20 times per shoot, when Golden Dou Dou look at the camera, Princess V was looking at the other side. 

 Well, when Princess V is ready, sorry lo~ Golden Dou Dou not gonna to look at you. ==!
However, "photo of your pet is priceless"
I will never give up! I believe that i take many shots, and amongst them could be a winning image. hahaha...
#Pet Friendly Resort 
Ruby's Resort
Lot 350, Jalan Kemaman, Kg. Chendor, Cherating, 26080 Balok, Pahang, Malaysia
Tel : +60 16-938 1298
* Attention : Pet Owners governs the behaviour, conduct and requirements of all Ruby’s Resort customers who will be bringing along their pets for stay at RR. Pet owners are required to bring along the below listed necessities prior to check in (Pet Food, Drinking Bowl, Hair Dryers, Bed Sheets , Blanket, Pillow Case, Towels, Leash, Poo Bags).
Every photo has a deeper meaning as i can capture their character in a photo. 
I hope you'll enjoy reading this blog post and my video. =)

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