The BAR°N @ Pavilion KL

October 6, 2016

Congratulation to The BAR°N opened the third outlet at Pavilion KL and officially launched on September 8! 
This 5,500sf bar & restaurant is located on Level 4 (Connection) of Pavilion KL.
As i said this is their third outlet, the earlier two outlets where located at Mont Kiara and Gurney Plaza. 
Click here for my food review at Mont Kiara outlet. 
I loved their rustic, cosy, classy interior design! The sense of space sets itself apart from its competitors, exuding the perfect ambience for busy executives to destress, network or to socialise. Every corner is so photogenic! 
Touted as the longest bar in Malaysia, The BAR°N @Pavilion KL boasts a long bar the length of an adult sperm whale which is 17.5m long!
The BAR°N @Pavilion KL carries forth its vision of being “a bar n’ more”, providing guests with unique experiences at every visit. The outlet offers a wide range of old and new world wines sourced from reputable vineyards in Australia, New Zealand, France, USA, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Italy and Germany. Wine Ambassadors are on hand every evening to assist guests in their selection of wine, to pair with their food or simply for social drinking. 
Aside from wine, The BAR°N offers guests an extensive menu of alcoholic beverages, with fresh from the tap beers, liquor and delightful cocktails.
The culinary menu at The BAR°N is also a gastronomic tour de force. Because quality dining is no small matter, The BAR°N takes prides in all it has to offer on its menu, from small plate offerings to main courses.
Weekend High Tea Board     RM75
RM150++ if including a bottle of Luis Felipe Edwards Pinot Noir. 
From 1st of October 2016, The BAR°N Weekend High Tea Board will be available at 1 Mont Kiara and Pavilion KL outlets. 
Features an assortment of tapas : Deep-Fried Chicken Wings, Coffee Pork Loin, Triple-decker Tuna Sandwich, Cheese Sticks, Deep-fried Pork Roll, Deep-fried Button Mushrooms, Salmon Bruschetta and Pork Meat-Balls with Tomato Sauce.
The Board is suggested for sharing between 2 and 3 pax. It is perfect for a small gathering while family/ friends want to have some small bites in the afternoon. 
 Kindly take note that Weekend High Tea Board is ONLY available on every weekend between 11am and 5pm.
Tomahawk Steak – The Ultimate Full Flavored Steak
If you are meat lover or foodies, you have surely seen a menu touting one of those ultra-premium tomahawk steak, but do you know what is that? 
The name ‘tomahawk’ derives from the native Algonquian words ‘tamahak’ or ‘tamahakan’ which means cutting instrument. 
The Tomahawk Steak is an on-the bone Rib Steak with a large amount of inter-muscular fat, attached to a long bone. Tomahawk steaks untilise cuts from the fore-rib of cows, keeping the entire length of bone intact to produce its signature hatchet shape. A large quantity of inter-muscular fat marbles the premium cut, load of flavour when cooked, as flavours are released from both the huge bone, melting to give it a silky texture and a symphony of flavors. 
Each Tomahawk weighs between 850g and 1000g – dependent on the cut. The meat is imported from Australia. It is grilled to perfection, leaving an amazing presentation! 
Each hand-cut beauty is a richly marbled! An infusion of juices from the bone into the meat elevates the dept of flavors, whilst maintaining a juicy and tender interior. Very little fat so it's a good option for people who are on diet but cravings on beef. ^^
This ultimate steak will set your table for an unforgettable dining experience.
Limited-Time Offer promotion of Tomahawk Steak
From 1 October till 30 November 2016. 
Priced at RM288++. 
Available at The BAR°N outlets (1Mont Kiara, Gurney Plaza and Pavilion KL) 
Guests ordering The Tomahawk are offered the option of two specially paired wine at 20% discount. The wines are Chateau Ste Michelle Canoe Ridge Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (US) and Leconfield Coonawara Cabernet Sauvignon (Aust) at RM277++ and 201++ (before discount) respectively.
Pigs in Blankets    RM19
I can't eat just one! Premium cocktail sausage wrapped in crispy bacon, so juicy and flavourful. 
Candy Bacon Platter   RM29
A snack that you should definitely not miss. Its piggy goodness would be a great addition to their menu, such a crunchy and sweet party snack! This Candy Bacon Platter is the perfect combination of sweet, smoky and savory. 
Crispy Pork Belly  RM29
Incredibly moist pork topped with golden crunchy crackling, skin is completely bubbly and crisp, served with home-made chilli dip.
I would suggest this 3 snacks for the beer buddies and keep the beer buzz alive. =)
Oven-baked Portobello Mushrooms with Bacon, Tomato and Cheese   RM29
A perfectly roasted portobello mushroom with cheesy which is a wonderful alternative to steak!
Coffee Pork Ribs   RM45
Pardon me! Coffee pork?!!! 
Tastes kinda weird, may be this is just not my favourite. 
Oven-roasted Baby Back Pork Ribs   RM59
Roasted ribs until very tender but not falling apart, this meatier ribs are first rubbed with seasoning and slowly baked, then finished outdoors with using the blow torch to caramelise a zesty glaze of sweet and sour. The flavourful meat was very tender until pull away from the bone with the slightest tug of the teeth. I can’t eat these tasty ribs without licking fingers LOL!
The BAR°N @Pavilion KL as a family-friendly place, children below 12 years of age will receive a complimentary kids meal with every main ordered.
Diners may enjoy Happy Hour from 12pm till 8pm daily (all-day long on every Tuesday), while lunch-goers can indulge in Executive Set Lunch options every day from 12–3pm (including public holidays and weekends) with complimentary fresh salad and soup-of-the-day. What’s more, on Thursday and Friday evenings, guests are treated to exhilarating live band performances.
The BAR°N @Pavilion KL bringing yet another iconic outlet for wine lovers to imbibe in in one of the most exclusive high-end malls right in the heart of the city.
The BAR°N @Pavilion KL
C4-04, Level 4
Pavilion KL, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +603 - 2110 3223
Opening hours : 10am - 10pm daily

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