YOKO Milk Shower pamper kit for your happy bath moment.

October 12, 2015

Moooo!!! Received a bath and body pamper kit from NattaCosme, each product is a milk enriched treat, perfect for indulgent day and night use. Yahoo! i can enjoy my happy bath spa at home. 
Introducing my new pamper kit ~ YOKO's Milk series! 
FYI, YOKO is a brand from Thailand. Everyone know milk is good for health and skin. Milk is rich in nutrients and vitamins and has been use as a key ingredient in skin care for centuries. The legendary queen of Egypt was known to take milk baths to keep her skin smooth and radiant. Let's try this YOKO Milk products and see how's the result. (become snow white? LoL!) 

To change your skin becomes more beautiful, supple and naturally white, follow this body and bath regime:
1. Take a fresh shower with YOKO Milky Shower Cream in the morning.
2. Apply YOKO Hokkaido Milk UV SPF 25 PA++ before go out to protect your skin.
3. Back home, take a good rest and shower with YOKO Milky Shower Cream.
4. Apply YOKO Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum after shower to lock moist my skin.
YOKO Milky Shower Cream 
Yoko Milky Shower Cream is beauty nutrition specially formulated for moisturizing vitamins to allow deep moisturizing into skin. With Milk Protein, it helps to maintain skin youthfulness and softness as well as forming a layer to protect the skin hydrate. Other ingredients are Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Sweet Almond Oil, Yeast Extract helps to maintain skin moisture balance and revel the velvet smooth skin. 
How To Use:
Pour Yoko Milky Shower Cream onto palm or sponge and gently rub on wet body. Wash off with water. 
Even though it is not expensive like those over hundred a bottle, but i like the result, smooth and slightly cooling like baby skin. Unlike other brands, labelled as milk shower foam but feel so dry after use it. It is a high-foaming shower cream, give me a pampering bath with bubbles and leave my skin soft and smooth, the scented is kinda like milk.
YOKO Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum
With benefits of Spring Sea Water, Vitamin B3, Shea Butter, Sodium Hyaluronate and Collagen to keep our skin fresh, hydrate and look healthy when using regularly. 
How To Use:
Apply Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum everyday as often as you wish.
Lotion plays an important part in my daily skin care regimen, i can't live without lotion! My skin is quite dry, i will easily get hurt if i didn't moisture my skin (example: hurt by paper cut). Prevention of this dryness by lotion moisturizing is a must-do-step in my daily life. Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum is watery and non-sticky ultra-light on my skin, absorb quickly but also locking skin moisture and softness. With a refreshing scented when apply on my skin and keep balance of moisture, i didn't feel itchiness (caused by dryness) after apply this lotion, not bad huh =)
YOKO Hokkaido Milk UV Body Serum SPF25 PA++
Ultra-light feeling and fast absorbing serum for body help protecting skin from harmful effect of the sun's rays. The nourishing benefits of Hokkaido milk and glutathione bring out your new radiance and healthy look with soft and smooth touch. Scented all day long.
How To Use:
Apply on your body and evenly to all areas before sun exposure. Reapply every 1-2 hours evenly to exposed skin. 
It is most important to wear the SPF daily because sun exposure is cumulative. 
Bear in mind, 
"If you keep it healthy with a good routine from a young age you will be ageless."
It is so important to take good care of your skin from a young age. YOKO's milk products series are intensely smoothing our skin and they come in affordable prices! SAVE MONEY, enjoy happy bath spa at home and have a healthy skin with just 3 bottles a day! I like how their lotions absorbs quickly, so do not worry that your bedsheets will get dirty when you apply it and go to the bed. Spoiled myself with this delightful YOKO's milk products and keep my skin moisturised all day long. ^^
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