O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe @ Shaftsbury Square,Cyberjaya

October 28, 2015

O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe is a lifestyle chain cafe founded in 1988 in Dublin, Ireland and has since expanded to over 200 stores worldwide. There are 21 outlets in Malaysia and easily accessible to anyone who craves for a healthy wholesome meal. 
What do you think of sandwich? Hard to argue that sandwich shops are continuing their rise throughout worldwide in this 10 years, its constant expansion which has turned our lifestyle from choosing McMeal to ‘Eat Fresh Eat Healthy’ value meal.
O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe is specializes in selling meat, fresh vegetable and cheese in a wide variety of options, offering a hearty menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Last weekend, i was invited to attend their sandwich workshop at O'Briens Shaftsbury Square @ Cyberjaya.
O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe's breads are baked with specially formulated Irish recipe. You cannot miss this bread, Shambo is a type of Focaccia bread baked in the shape of the Shamrock and it is ONLY selling and unique in O'Briens. (The Shamrock is the epitome of Ireland and represents good luck).To provided the freshest and finest foods to customer, O'Briens do not compromises with their food quality by using premium ingredients such as chunky tuna in brine, smoked chicken slice and top-notch quality beef. Spread and sauces in O'Briens are created using special Irish recipe and only available at O'Briens. 
You can create your own Sandwich by choosing:
1 Bread + 1 Main Filling + 3 Salads/ vegetable + 1 Sauce
For the bread, you can choose White Bread (traditional style); Wholemeal Bread (many good source in a single bread); Wholemeal Shambo (house speciality), Irish Shambo; Facaccia Shambo (for herb lovers) ; Ciabatta (Italian style) ; Multigrain (high in complex) ;Wrappo (good for diet)

O’Briens Fresh & Premium Ingredient including:
Main Filling
- Egg
- Egg Mayo
- Plain Chicken
- Chicken Mayo
- Chicken Slice
- Chicken Crisp
- Chicken Sausage
- Mild Spicy Herbs
- Volcanic Chicken
- Piri-Piri Chicken
- Turkey
- Beef
- Plain Tuna
- Tuna Mayo
- Smoke Salmon
- Cheddar Cheese
- Swiss Cheese
- Mozzarella Cheese 
- Brie Cheese
- Feta Cheese
- Parmesan Cheese

- Mixed Peppers
- Roasted Peppers
- Red Onion
- Sweetcorn
- Black Olives
- Croutons
- Pine Nut
- Walnut
- Tomato
- Cucumber
- Lettuce
- Lollo Rosa
- Lollo Bionda
- Watercress
- Sundried
- Roasted Brinjal
- Roasted Zucchini
- Coleslaw

- Basil Pesto
- Cream Cheese
- Honey Mustard
- Aran Island
- Ballymaloe
- Ceasar Dressing
- Italian
- Cranberry
- Guacamole / Made from fresh Avocado
- Houmous

It's my show time! XD
Since the Shambo is so unique, definitely i will choose Irish Shambo (sorry girl can't resist when heard about 'limited' hahaha!). First step is the most challenging part, to cut and divide the Shambo in half with equal size. This is easy peasy for me because i am a baker, cut cake into layers more than 142578 times haha! 
and then spread butter on Shambo and put top-notch quality beef and tomato on top.
Put into oven for 50 seconds. *waiting~~~~*
Take out and spread coleslaw on it.
How's my look? hehehe... acting professional chef
Last step, cut into half and ready to serve.
Ta~daa~~~~ my 'Bowie Shambo' !
Bread : Irish Shambo
Main filling : top-notch quality beef
3 salads/ vegetable : Coleslaw, tomato
Sauce : Aran Island
Wondering why my 'Bowie Shambo' lack of green color? because i don't take vegetable, actually i don't eat tomato also but hmmm... have to add in to balance the flavour, so you will not feel so dry when eat this only filling with beef. Add crunchy coleslaw is a delicious twist on this dry sandwich , feel the flavourful, sweet and sour, crunchy in one bite! of course... this is my thoughts! How's my creation? =)
Customised sandwiches by all of us. 
Besides of well-known sandwich, there are selling cakes and muffins also. O'briens are also good at coffees and juices! Their coffee are made out of two premium coffee beans which is Arabica and Robusta, freshly grounded and brewed in the style of Italian master roaster. 
I would highly recommend this to you - O'briens orange juice!
Yes, it is orange juice ONLY, nothing special right? but let me tell you something...
This is freshly squeezed juices, 100% pure orange juice. Insert the whole orange in the squeezer machine, it will squeeze it from both sides to extract the juice. With this professional juicer, O'briens serve 100% freshly made juice to you. A cup of 100% pure orange juice might need at least 6 oranges to squeeze out, packed with vitamins prepared on-the-spot upon ordering, so the goodness of fruits will not lost due to long hours of exposure.
Chicken Tripledecker Toastie Sandwich    RM22.50
Toasted with chicken and chicken crisp, lettuce, cheddar cheese, red onion, coleslaw and fresh tomato.
Experience the Irish way of dining in a cafe, enjoy an aromatic coffee/ freshly squeezed juice and freshest sandwiches in a relaxing and comfortable O'briens outlet, such a hearty and healthy wholesome diet! 
O'briens now offering value meal:
Purchase any sandwich & your choice of drink
- Iced Earl Grey Tea
- Cappuccino
- Soup of the Day

Website : www.obriens.com.my
or Call 1300-30-3000 for delivery.
For latest updates, please log in facebook.com/obriensmalaysia
Thanks O'briens for having me. =)

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