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October 13, 2015

Please ask yourself : "How many snack bars do you have keep in your bag or stuffed in your desk?" With a busy life and career, no matter you are studying / rushing homework/ working/ driving/ travelling bla bla bla... serious snack cravings are bound to happen, agree? weird huh? Sometimes we're hungry; sometimes we just simply want to reward ourselves with a tasty bite; sometimes because for an emotional reason like boredom, excitement or stress. 
There are wide range of snack foods in market, it’s not so easy to find healthy snacks. That’s way Signature Snack brings you variety of delicious and convenient healthy snacks to fuel you up all day. 
"Ding Dong" i got the parcel to make my day =)
Each snack pack come in premium quality and resealable bags to ensure maximum freshness and convenience.

I ordered 5 packs : Maple caramel cocoa almond, Focaccia pistachio, Salt & vinegar almond and peanut, Healthy nut mix, Spicy butter cashews.
Why Signature Snack?
With over 50 tasty options, included dried fruits/ nuts & seeds/ baked cookies and granola. With a 100% snackisfaction guarantee, Signature Snack carefully choose only the greatest, freshness and full-flavored ingredients.
- Freshly baked
Bakes every week for freshest product.
- 100% natural
No artificial flavours, No trans-fat, No preservatives.
- Weight loss
Nuts & seeds can satisfy your hunger between meals, improves your diet.
- Health benefits
Dried fruits, nuts & seeds are rich in antioxidant, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. 
You can check nutrition facts of snacks when you order.
Salt & vinegar almond and peanut
Ingredients: Almond , Peanut , Vinegar , Citric Acid , Salt (Himalayan Rock Salt)
Highly recommend! Lightly salted with vinegar tang, these almonds crunchies will take your taste buds on a flavorful ride.
Picture credits to Signature Snack
Healthy nut mix
Ingredients: Pecan , Almond , Cashew Nut , Hazelnut , Lightly Salted Peanut (Himalayan Rock Salt)
Sorry, i was too hungry and forgot to take picture before eat. ><!!! No worry, the real one is exactly same with the picture above LoL! 
This snack is their signature healthy snacks. Seasoning a little Himalayan rock Salt on peanuts only, this snack is low carb, high protein snacks, i prefer this because i like the real nut taste (what?!), hmm... means i prefer the original flavour la!
Picture credits to Signature Snack
Spicy butter cashews 
Ingredients: Cashew Nut , Milk Powder , Chilli , Curry Leaves , Sugar , Arrowroot Starch , Oats
Highly recommend! Got a spicy and savory craving like me? Coated in a chilli butter and curry leaves, strong buttery taste but slightly spicy only, this snack doesn’t mess around. Can you handle this oriental flavour with a touch of spiciness? Spicy! Savoury! Grab these Spicy butter cashews!
Focaccia pistachio
Ingredients: Pistachio, Rosemarry, Tomato, Pasley, Garlic, Salt
Inspired by Italian Focaccia bread pizza toppings. Taste the tangy tomato and lightly salted crunchy from the pictachios. Don't forget to nibs on the delicious tiny dried tomatoes.
Maple caramel cocoa almond
Ingredients: Almond , Cocoa Powder , Cane Sugar, Natural Maple Flavor
If you like chocolate flavour, this is the best choice for you! Maple flavor sweetness combination with chocolaty cocoa power and bitter almond, a little bit sweet, a little bit salt, a little tangy, completely delicious! Perfect to pair with coffee or tea.
How to order?
It is quite simple.
1. Create an account and fill in your details.
2. Pick a plan - choose the number of snacks and delivery frequency as the picture below.
3. Receive 5 full-sized pouch of naturally, healthy, delicious snacks!
(For a family of snackers, 5 packs is just nice to satisfy your needs.)
Signature Snack is dedicated to change snacking part of a well-balanced healthy lifestyle, healthy fresh delivered right to your door. Snacking has become so deliciously fun and convenient! 
Happy snacking !

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