Halloween Outfit 2015

October 26, 2015

It's my honour to received an email from The Fairmont Resort where located at far away kingdom San Francisco, i was so excited when i know they read my blog! Thank You Fairmont Resort for challenging me to take on some exclusive styles with a little West Coast flare for their annual Halloween party.

Keep Calm, it's October! Halloween is in the air, few more days to go! Let's party!

Well ladies, it’s time to get a Halloween costume to meet the party animals! At here, the celebration of Halloween started to grow in popularity in this few years. I was join my very first Halloween party last year, it is a small party but had a lot of fun. I don't like to buy a costume purposely for a festival event, waste my money! I will only wear once and throw it away if i real bought it. Usually, i will sit in front of my wardrobe and try to come out an idea to mix and match by using my clothes.
Idea~~ Idea~~~ what is the idea of Halloween outfit huh?!! things will turn out fine when you start getting inspired by something, like the Fairmont Resort in San Francisco. What?! halloween outfit inspired by a RESORT?!!!! I am not kidding ok! 
Fairmont resort is a legend hotel with over 100 years of history. The hotel combines classic ambience with modern amenities, stunning building outlook inspired by The Victorian era and some guest rooms decorated in modern way. This is the reason I decided to make 2 outfits, my theme of Halloween 2015 is Doll Ghost.
 Since i focus on my makeup, so i make my outfit to be simple.
I believe everyone have a little black dress, black dress always is the classic one, is a must-have-item in your wardrobe. Choose the special and nice cutting to make your favourite features stand out.
Transparent socks with design + high heels is my favourite mix and match! 
This is the second outfit, Victorian style is one of the Top 12 Trends of Fall 2015. Be it an elegant high-neck ruffled collar such as Alexander McQueen Fall 2015, a Victorian mood pervaded the halloween.
This victorian lace blouse is my favourite. Brown is another most wearable fashion trends of Fall 2015.
Fairmont resort centrally located at San Francisco, presents an awe-inspiring picture of historic San Francisco. San Francisco is a city that I would love to visit one day, it is so interesting and beautiful known for its architecture and cultural.
Happy Halloween!


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