CANMAKE Tokyo, the latest 'kawaii' makeup trends

October 22, 2015

Hey Sweeties! Did you go to the 15th edition of Beauty Expo'15 (the largest beauty & therapeutic trade show) at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre last weekends? CANMAKE Tokyo had a special showcase to presents the latest kawaii makeup trends to Malaysia in Beauty Expo'15 that was held in conjunction with a celebration of the brand's 30th anniversary.
Makeup Demonstration 
CANMAKE Tokyo launched in 1985, it is one of Japan's leading brand of cosmetics.Its popularity and success stems from its commitment to bringing the latest makeup styles and trends at affordable reasonable prices with no compromise to the product quality that is created and manufactured in Japan.

There are 2 latest makeup trends that are gaining popularity in Japan which is 'Glossy & Shinny' for beautiful party look and 'Colour Coordinate' for kawaii look.
Glossy & Shiny - Natural, light and translucent looking skin creates a dewy glow that takes centre stage in this look, further complemented with glossy lips that accentuate its natural colour. 
This is the best theme for coming party season that make you the belle of the ball! (woohoo!!! October-December is all about party party party!) Create this look with Juice Pure Eyes eyeshadow trios, Your Lip Only Gloss and Matte & Crystal Cheeks.
Juice Pure Eyes eyeshadow trios    RM 39.90

Dewy powder clings to your skin <Main color & liner color>
● Cushion powder helps colors glide gently over your skin.
● Fitting oil helps colors cling to your eyelids, without powder scatter!
The secret to the juicy look is the soufflé, which boosts shimmer and staying power <Juicy coat soufflé>
● Apply as a top coat for lids that look lusciously succulent! For lids with an adorable wet-look sheen♥
● Oil-rich formula enhances translucence and maintains the dewy look of the dainty lamé!
● Exquisitely soft, springy soufflé formulation♥

Your Lip Only Gloss    RM 39.90

● An astonishing gloss that turns pink as it reacts with moisture
It reacts with the moisture in your lips, so the precise shade and depth of color differ from one wearer to another.
Won't wear off when you eat
● The color actually gets brighter over time, so it stays firmly on your lips.

Matte & Crystal Cheeks    RM 49.90

2 shades of powder designed for the perfect texture
● Matte blush: A fine powder that gently conceals pores.
● Crystal topping: Packed with delicate pearl powder. Adds a dewy sheen to enhance translucence.
● Create your preferred level of luster by layering the two types of powder!
With two different textures, this blush duo offers complete flexibility in adjusting the level of luster!
● For a natural look, create soft, gentle cheeks by using the matte blush alone.
● For a glamorous look, create lustrous, radiantly translucent cheeks by layering the crystal topping over it.

Colour Coordinate - Lips and cheeks are coordinated with the same colour using the new CANMAKE Lip & Cheek Gel. Complete the look with Secret Colour Eye eyeshadow palette and blended high the gel blusher on the cheek, just below the eyes to create an oriental kawaii doll look. 
CANMAKE Lip & Cheek Gel   RM 49.90

A meltingly smooth texture ♡
A texture that melts with the heat of your skin ♡ This gel sinks into your skin the instant you smooth it on. Creates a finish that looks as though ♡ the color is bursting out from within.
2-in-1 ♡ For perfectly coordinated make-up!
A gel formulation that you can use on your lips or your cheeks ♡ Use as a blush to give your cheeks just the right degree of luster, or as a lip tint to mattify your lips just a touch. Using the same color for your cheeks and lips gives your make-up a more coordinated look, so even make-up novices will find it easy to use ☆
Superb staying power!!!
With a texture that melts in an instant, it clings to your skin without stickiness for hours on end.

Secret Colour Eye    RM 45.90
Just 3 shades are all you need to get the Eurasian look of your dreams ♥
Red shadow adds a delicate tint

●Just adding a touch of red to the lower lids enhances the skin's translucence, giving you a pale and delicately girlish look ♥

Shader and highlighter enhance definition and make the most of your bone structure
●The magic of light and shade adds natural-looking depth and definition, as though these were the features you were born with ♥ 
CANMAKE Tokyo line of cosmetics is available at selected SASA and AEON Wellness outlets nationwide. 

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