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October 6, 2015

Picture credits to Daisuke Salon De Coiffure
I had been wanting a hair makeover for a long time! My hair original color is very very black, no matter how bright the color i choose for hair dye, at the end that will only show a little bit color on my hair and it is still too dark (i don't want to bleach). Since i cut a LOB(my LOB post) , and i wish my LOB looks stylish and chic as my black LOB is a bit "guai guai nv" (good girl). 
This was BEFORE. (my black hair)
So on the early of September, i dropped by at Daisuke Salon De Coiffure again for a makeover! This time i was not bringing my Golden Dou Dou, i bring a human haha.... my sister Yennie. She want have a big changes because she had long long time didn't go to salon for cut/dye/treatment. 
See.... her dry straw-like hair.
After CO2 wash (RM28 ONLY, you can check my CO2 post), then proceed to bleach! Try to guess what is the hair color i want to =)
Graduation lifting bleach (hair end) - RM 150 to RM 300
Do you know you cannot go from a dark hair color to a platinum blonde in one bleaching? 
You have to "lift" (lightening) your hair and of course the higher the lift, the lighter your hair will become. 
Mr Daisuke worried that my damaged hair will more worst if bleach all hair, so he decided to using mild bleach at my hair end only to protect my hair, and coloring my hair with hair manicure to achieve graduation hair color from dark purple to purple red.
After bleached.
Ta~daa~~~~ yes! my hair color will be purple red! One of the latest hair color trend in year 2015!
Hair manicure (Purple Red) - RM 280 onwards
Normally purple red hair color is hard to maintain because it fade very quickly. But this purple red can last around 4 - 5 months. Sometimes up to 6 months. It's very lasting dip-dye. Even the color is faded but no worries because purple colour always match with our natural hair colour, it's very natural. 
Picture credits to Daisuke Salon De Coiffure
The result!
Alright, this is not me hahaha...
My sister Yennie choose the same color and same hair style with me. *hmm... want become twins huh?* 
Her purple red hair color, very obviously purple red! Looks so nice!
Picture credits to Daisuke Salon De Coiffure
My graduation purple red hair color! Love x1000! (after quick treatment)
Everyone asked me when met me at event, they were wondering why my hair looks so dark and doesn't look alike with the picture? No Cheat No Lie! I didn't bleach all hair so of course some part is darken and some part is brighten. 
The shades will be more obvious once light shines on the hair. Mr Daisuke suggested to wait for a month, cut it and bleach again for very obvious hair color. Can't wait for the change again hehe!
After a month, i washed my hair everyday and still come out with purple color water. It's one of those hair colors that's difficult to keep vibrant, but you see... it doesn't fade!
Thanks to Daisuke Salon team, it turned out exactly how i wanted it to be!
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