Electric Run 2015 Malaysia

October 1, 2015

Hooray! This is my first ever night run in my life! I am not a runner, it's quite boring and tiring, so i never join marathon before. Until i heard about Electric Run, it is different from the normal everyday marathon run.
Electric Run is the World’s biggest nighttime 5k run/walk experience, featuring immersive “Lands” of light and sound that transport the participant into an electric wonderland, let's participant release their soul to a new world in a healthy and drug-free way.

Me and my sister Yenni
"color" myself with LED light =)
The funny part is participants are encouraged to join in on the art by lighting up with glow sticks, LEDs ,blinks and anything else their imagination can conjure up! 
Thanks to Tune Protect, I am very pleased and honoured to have been invited by Tune Protect at Selangor Turf Club to experience this magical joyride, the first ever wonderful colourful Electric run in Malaysia! 
Tune Protect is the Official Insurance Partner for Electric Run. Tune Insurance has rebranded and Tune Protect is Tune Insurance’s new brand. 

Tune Protect stands for Insurance Made Easy with simple and straightforward several products online such as Tune Trip Travel Insurance Plan, Tune Drive Care, Tune EZ Term (life insurance) and tune guard (taken care off for robberies). 

 One of the products offered is Tune TrIP Travel Insurance.
Tune TrIP Travel Insurance is a comprehensive and affordable travel insurance from only RM9/trip! For frequent travellers, they can event opt for annual plan or family plan! I am quite impressed with what the plan is offering (there are 21 benefits that comes under the package) because I used to think that travel insurance only covers baggage losses. 

 Check out their ads below :

Hahaha… I think buying the Tune TrIP Travel Insurance will be much easier than this!
 For more info, please check it out via 
Instagram : tuneprotect
Let's start the run!!!
Inflatable pillars along the race course, brighten your way.
My camera doesn't work suddenly, so i have to use my lousy iPhone to take pictures. Sorry for my bad quality pictures =(
Electric Run events are as unique as each city, every race experience is tailored to the location and crowd hosting us that night. Depending on where you attend an Electric Run event, you will experience your run themed Course Lands. It makes me think of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ when i going thru all this themed course lands with played different genres of music for runners to dance, taking me to different territory.

First Course land, Neffmau5 land with neon lanterns.
Electro Rainforest
"You can stand under my umbrella...bella...eh...eh..." Cool song played while run under the umbrellas!
Neon water stations were placed at regular intervals along all courses. Drinking water combats dehydration during your run.
Rainbow Road
Under the Sea
Candy Lane
Guess what?! This Electric run recorded 11,866 peoples joining the race and the record is now listed in the Malaysia Book of Records!  No matter young or old – even some parents with their toddler flocked  to take part in the event, wearing colourful outfits, played with glow sticks, LEDs and neon face paint. Let's use the bright lights to dazzlingly lit up the night and create a vibrant atmosphere full of color, sound and energy. 

When reached finish-line, each participant will get a medal to memorable your special run. Wait! the night is still young! At the finish line, Booths were set up and in the Tune Protect booth - there were UV Photobooth, Games, Prizes, live concert at the finish-line to entertaining runners after end to their run.

Had so much fun at the UV Photo Booth and dice games which organised by Tune Protect.

“I Am Protected” ! 

The Electric Run was then ended with fabulous fireworks show.
Electric run is perfect, fun, energizing, and beautiful! 
I can't forget my experience with all incredible lights and music during my run. Thanks to Tune Protect for having me =)

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