Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro @ Bandar Manjalara

December 31, 2015

Every neighbourhood should have some little cafe where folks can escape for awhile to chit-chatting and some foods. Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro is a new addition café to Kepong area, it is a pet friendly cafe. Driving distance within 10 minutes from Desa Park City to Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro, peoples can bring their dogs to jogging at Desa Park City then go to take some drink or foods at Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro where just nearby only, it is located opposite of Manjalara Hometown steamboat.
Still remember i was a Science student before, going to a laboratory is my happy time during school time, a fun place with lots of interesting things going on and apparatus. Make this as themed, and going by its name, everything is being tested out at Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro. I believe this is the first cafe in Malaysia with this totally New concept, a laboratory cafe.
What is the color to represent of laboratory? WHITE! Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro brings you a cozy and simple environment with all the white furniture. There are test tubes, beakers, burets, erlenmeyer flask, measuring cylinder and other laboratory equipment as a display at Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro. To make sure patrons have special dining experience at laboratory, drinks are well served in imported genuine laboratory beaker, flasks and test tube. Even though you are not science student or didn't visit lab before, now you can touch and hold the laboratory equipment as many as you want LoL!
 Since it is pet friendly cafe, of course i will bring my Golden Dou Dou go there also.There are some leash hanger for dogs to let pet owner can enjoy food without worries.
Pets only allowed to stay at outdoor, the place is a bit small if for large breed like Golden Dou Dou. She got to play "hide and seek" during my food review because she always block the main road LOL! She feel very nervous while a lot of peoples passing by and at the end she was hide under the table ==!
Currently Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro was unveiling new dishes that will surprise patrons for months to come.
Big Breakfast Thuringer (New Menu)
Served with Thuringer sausages, bacon, mushroom, toasts, sunny side up and fresh salad. 1 person portion is just nice to start up your day.
Big Breakfast Bratwurst (New Menu)
Served with Bratwurst sausages, scrambled egg and fresh salad.
Secret Garden (New Menu)
Grill Tiger Prawn (New Menu)
Tiger prawns are fresh enough but taste is so so only.
Iberico Pork (New Menu)
Wild Mushroom Soup
Tester Hainan Pork Chop    RM 14.50
Pork is quite tender and served with their homemade Hainan sauce. Personally think their homemade Hainan sauce is too salty.
Spaghetti Bolognese   RM 13
Assam Boi Mojito   RM 12
A refreshing tropical mojitos, taste good!

Ice Cube Coffee   RM 15

Ice Coffee
Ordering coffee with a syringe on the side is the latest food trend, let's has fun with coffee!

Various flavours of milk shake is best seller range at Tester Laboratory, portion of the milk shake is good enough for 2 persons sharing. But it was melting fast in hot day, when we want to take picture of it after waitress served, it was starting to melt in 5 minutes.
 Chocolate Oreo Cookies Milk Shake  RM 14  |  Mango Milk Shake   RM 14
 Mix Berry Milk Shake   RM 14
 Nutella Milk Shake   RM 14
Butterscotch Nut Milk Shake   RM 14
Green Tea Blended   RM 14
You can find snow ice at Tester Laboratory too! So enjoyable to having this smooth snow ice in hot day, this snow ice is aromatic and tastes of sweet. I prefer snow ice mango with fruity fragrance, smell like a juicy mango! 
Snow Ice Lemon
Snow Ice Mango
Tester Laboratory Cafe is testing and upgrading its menu. Overall, some foods may taste a bit salty or sweet, hope it will improve with time.
No. 48, Jalan 8/62A Bandar Manjalara Kepong,
55200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 014- 603 0638

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