LOVE NAIL Instant Nail Applique, done in few minutes!

December 16, 2015

People live in modern life thought technology is intended to make our lives easier, we want everything done faster and easier. LOVE NAIL instant nail appliqué changes the conventional way of applying liquid nail polish by transforming it into innovative stickers. Thanks to the technology, LOVE NAIL produce elastic sticker which enables bending and shaping, for a perfect finish on nails of any length, size and shape, and get it done in just a few minutes!!! With salon quality standard, LOVE NAIL polish sticker fully produced using nail polish, the product shines with gorgeous cluster, similar to professional nail color. 
Attended an afternoon tea with Mr. Michael Wang, the brand owner of Love Nail from Taiwan. 
Product introduction and tutorial of LOVE NAIL.
We always complained that conventional nail polish smells so "chemical", indeed it is contain chemicals to help the product remain glossy and dry quickly. Conventional nail polish is one of the most common offenders, leading to dryness, discoloration, and even breakage. Nails require oxygen to remain healthy, they will weaken if they are constantly covered in nail polish. LOVE NAIL polish sticker has numerous invisible holes on the surface to allow your nails to "breathe", it is harmless! 

I did a review of LOVE NAIL before, click here to learn how it works. 

What's so special to make me choose LOVE NAIL?
It is 100% made from nail polish with 3 in 1 protection (base coat + color coat+ top coat), there are assorted sizes to choose for matching your nails.

Do i need to wait and wait until dry (such as nail polish) ? 
No my dear! It dry in 0 sec! NO MORE annoyance of stain or uneven polish. 

How long it can last?
It can last for a maximum of 14 days at most. 

Can i apply this on my toenails?
Yes, it is applicable to both hands and toes. 

How to remove?
No worry, it doesn't like gel nail which must removed at nail salon. LOVE NAIL sticker can be easily removed with nail polish remover. 
 LOVE NAIL has a wide range of design, to be highlight that LOVE NAIL crossover with girl's favourite ~ the Sanrio characters! (certified and licensed) 
Sanrio Collection - Hello Kitty Limited Items
Sanrio Collection - My Melody Special Limited Items
Sanrio Collection - Little Twin Stars Special Limited Items
French Manicure
Design Manicure

With this super convenient LOVE NAIL polish sticker, now you can say goodbye to conventional nail polish. 
LOVE NAIL instant nail applique is now available exclusively in all SaSa retail shops, price range : RM49.90 - RM54.90.

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