PINK by Pure Beauty, It's time to get pink!

December 10, 2015

Pink color represents caring, compassion and love. You might don't like to use / wear in pink color, but when you feel of love, inevitably pink or red color will pop into your mind. The color pink has always been the best association to the fairer sex. And here comes a new dimension from Korea’s advanced innovation in skin brightening science for the young women.
Watsons Malaysia is proud to present PINK by Pure Beauty, the launch of PINK by Pure Beauty was held at one of the hippest cafe recently, the Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe at Sunway Pyramid! * yeah yeah yeah!* Watsons Malaysia knows exactly what the girls want! =P 
I had a pinkish fabulous Hi-Tea date with a bunch of bloggers and Pure Beauty, everyone must wear in pink as the dress code is pinky style for a best dress in pink competition. 
Please, shout as loud as you can =P
This is our table, so dreamy and so sweet OMG!
Of course, take a picture first! ^^ Am i look like a princess? LoL! 
Take a quick look of Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe.

PINK by Pure Beauty products are formulated using the unique combination:
PhyotCellTec Alps Rose, Pink Flower Capsule, Gigawhite, Actiwhite, Niacinamide, Oligo-HA
* The primary ingredients of PINK by Pure Beauty are Gigawhite, Actiwhite and Niacinamide where it promotes superb whitening effect and collagen and ceramide synthesis for skin protection from UV rays*
Benefits : 
- brighten the skin
- perfect hydration balance
- protect the skin damaged from UV rays
- a luminous evenly balanced skin tone to reveal a naturally bright pinkish fair skin that every young lady wish for.

It is easy to achieve a pinkish fair skin with just 3 steps!
First step : Apply PINK’s So Fresh Essence Water (RM 39.90) 
It is kinda like our daily use toner, it can help to clarity and balance skin hydration, enhance skin radiance and brightness. I always work in front of oven (aww... i knew i mentioned about this every time i blogged about beauty products, but it is true ma! LOL!), my skin is always dehydrated. Soak few cotton pads with So Fresh Essence Water and leave on the areas need special care especially T-zone! Just 10 minutes, you can feel the skin is re-hydrated a bit and feel refreshing. 

Second step : Apply the So glow Essence (RM 49.90)
Tap Tap Tap all the essence on face to enhances absorption, this product is to keep the skin hydrated and dewy.
Last step :  Apply So Smooth Pudding Cream (RM 39.90) and So Blur Cream (RM 42.90)
So Smooth Pudding Cream is the star product! It is strongly recommended by star make-up stylist at TV show "All Things Girl" 姐妹淘 at Astro Chanel 311(Wah Lai Toi). What is so amazing? This is a moisturiser with an interesting gel-like texture, easy to blend and feels smooth on the skin. The best part is, it is non-sticky and very suitable for us to use in hot humid weather. Oh ya! amazing thing is it can enhance your skin complexion for a healthy naturally pinkish glow without medical beauty injection!
So Blur Cream is function similar with CC cream. There are many types of blue cream out in the market, some are like primers on steroids, prepping skin for makeup, some are taking place of midday mattifier hiding the wrinkles and pores. But... this So Blur Cream is like Serum + CC cream, so it can moisturise your skin meanwhile also correct your skin tone and hiding your opened pores, disguises flaws and provides a long term incredible skin care benefits! 
An exclusive session with make-up and styling guru, Stevensunny after products sharing information, that is a PINK by Pure Beauty products demonstration on pre make up skin care regime and followed by a make-up inspired by K-beauty or Korean pop influence. 
Guess who is the winner of best dress in pink?
My outfit of the day.
"Jeng Jeng Jeng" !!! Bowie Cheong, yes me me me!!! *super excited*
I was awarded RM100 worth of CRM points into Watsons VIP card, thanks to Watsons Malaysia! 
PINK By Pure Beauty product range is now available at all leading Watsons store nationwide.
Watsons Malaysia:


  1. Lovely Post I read on this blog which give me a real concept How to Protect the Skin. Just would like to say a word "Thanks".

  2. i did bought it. i bought pudding cream and and so glow essence. im a lil afraid to use it since i hv a lil bit of oily skin. can i use it?

    1. It is non-sticky texture, since you bought it, you can try it during night because we usually need more moisture skin care product at night. Then you monitor is it oily for you =)


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