THE BAR°N @ 1 Mont Kiara

December 29, 2015

THE BAR°N at 1 Mont Kiara, is a stylish tapas, wine bar and restaurant.1 Mont Kiara is located away from the hustle city, such a nice place for relaxing and destress. THE BAR°N is located right next to the mall’s main entrance and opposite to H&M, create a home for great wines and a smorgasbord of exquisite cuisine crafted to perfectly match your aperitifs, ambience and inner sense of gastronomic paradise. 
THE BAR°N have a spacious area and great ambience, calls for advantages to fully utilised this spacious area so THE BAR°N houses a modern and chic dining lounge, al-fresco dining area, live band stage, cigar lounge and wine room. At THE BAR°N, food is not just about the main course. Indulge diners with their small plates which is a potpourri of culinary magic that would seamlessly blend with Cigar and Wine in hand while enjoy live band music, diners can chill in this classy establishment from day into night. 
Wine Room at THE BAR°N, there have an exotic handpicked selection of the FINEST WINES, affordable with prices beginning from as low as RM 80 and also the most expensive price over RM1k.
I've read an article before, it's talking about the influence of blog & blogger, readers feel uncomfortable when they visit the restaurant that blogger recommend and end up feel disappointment because of blogger doesn't tell the truth of taste. Well, taste is subjective, but as a blogger shouldn't keep saying the foods are good good good if the food taste is so so only. So, please forgive me don't hate me that i won't describe any taste of pork dish because i don't take pork *sorry*. I can't simply tell you if i didn't try it at all. OK! let's start to show you some scrumptious food pictures. =P
 Kicked start my dinner with White Wine – Sixty Drops Sauvignon Blanc (from New Zealand) 
Scallop wrapped in bacon with passion fruit sauce     RM37
Although i don't eat pork, but i eat bacon *weird people, LOL!* i love this, the scallop is so juicy and wrapped in crispy bacon and sweet sour passion fruit sauce, taste so good! I kept saying wow everytime I tasted, such a lovely bite size appetiser. 
THE BAR°N crispy pork belly    RM32 
Roasted to perfection for a crispy skin on the outside while with the juicy tender meat inside, served with home-made chilli dip. This is one of their signature dish.
THE BAR°N pigs in blanket    RM27
Premium cocktail sausage wrapped in crispy bacon, personally think this is the best to pair with beers / wine.  
 Pork satay with Asian condiment (6 pcs)     RM30 
Oven baked Portobello mushroom with bacon tomato & cheese    RM28 
A perfectly roasted portobello mushroom with cheesy which is a wonderful alternative to steak!
Jamon Serrano on rock melon    RM58
That rock melon is too attractive so i was ignore the 'red color thingy' on top and pick one of it and take a bite, GOSH! the rock melon is so delicious but....!!!! that red color thingy is sliced raw pork!!! Sorry, i don't take pork so... no comment for this dish...
 Fried hokkien noodle with sambal   RM27 
 Kentucky fried frog   RM35 
THE BAR°N signature oven roasted German baby pork rib     RM68 
Ribs grilled to perfection till tender, then basted with special marinated & homemade bbq sauce, comes with potato wedges & mixed vegetable. 
Smoked salmon pizza   RM37 
Mixed ingredients with sour cream, rocket, cheese, onion, mushroom, capers.
THE BAR°N pasta   RM35 
Pasta of mushroom, bacon, bird eye chili, chopped parsley, butter and white wine. Astonishingly full-flavored, i like it so much! 
All American wagyu beef burger   RM40 
With wagyu patties, cheese, bacon, green salad, tomato and fries. 
Classic Margarita   RM 32
Tequila, Grand Marnier, Cointreau and Lime Syrup with recommendation from THE BAR°N.
Cranberry Fizz   RM16 
(cranberry juice, sweet sour mix, soda water)
Affogato    RM23 
A shot of espresso poured over a scoop of Haagen-Dasz vanilla ice cream then flamed with Sambuca.   Besides of cocktail/wine, THE BAR°N 's coffee is real good too! Strongly recommend this, their espresso taste is strong enough. 
Deep fried banana with gula Melaka syrup   RM29 
Served with scoop of Haagen-Dasz vanilla ice cream.
Deep frying banana till golden brown and drizzled with Gula Melaka syrup, makes it great for both sweet and savory! 
 Chocolate volcano   RM31 
Served with scoop of Haagen-Dasz vanilla ice cream. Chocolate Volcano always is my top favourite dessert, THE BAR°N doesn't disappointed me. When i cut this, bitter sweet gooey chocolate sauce oozes out, so rich and hevanly!
 THE BAR°N Bah Kut Teh served with rice   RM35 
Food is good, wine is great, love the ambience the most. THE BAR°N is a nice place for family and friends to chill out and have lots of laughs.
Lot G-2, G-3 & G-26,
Ground Floor, 1 Mont Kiara 
No.1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara
50480, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 - 6211 5620

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