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December 27, 2015

The new wave of soft serve ice cream shops popping up in town recently. Besides of Korean skincare, cosmetics, K-POP, K-drama wave, now Korean soft serve ice cream is just another Korean wave that hit our shores. Korean soft serve ice cream always has a piece of honeycomb topping, it's bring us a new and adventurous way to enjoying ice cream. 
In December, a trendsetter Korean soft serve ice cream shop is opening at Desa Sri Hartamas. I was invited to catch up with this new soft serve trend in town, thanks to Honey Creme. =) Yeah! Honey Creme is the new addition dessert shop in Desa Sri Hartamas
Honey Creme joint ventures branding between South Korea and Taiwan, with soft serve ice cream specialty boutiques selling imported South Korea famous "Comb Honey Soft Serve ice cream". Honey Creme @ Desa Sri Hartamas is not the first outlet in Malaysia, the first outlet is at Penang and Desa Sri Hartamas is the second outlet. 
Upon entering Honey Creme, feel so relaxing in this laid-back ambience. 
non-stop selfie with the pretty ambiance and ice cream LoL! 
Honey Creme uses South Korea top organic milk ice cream recipes, integrating with fresh milk and cream. Smooth and silky soft serve ice cream with deep and savory milk flavour base and various toppings. At Honey Creme, it is not boring to have soft serve ice cream; they are playing something on soft serve ice cream to bring you a funky visual presentation such as popcorn and affogato. Another exclusive delicacy on the ice cream menu is the spiral bread, which will replace the cone.
Honey Creme's signature "Comb Honey Soft Serve ice cream" is garnish with an entire comb honey, assuring that you enjoy the natural sweetness of the ice cream, omitting the artificial sugar sweetness.
Organic cotton candy is made only by organic sugar and natural flavouring. On top of this cotton candy, you will see studs of Italian pink rock salt acting upon as a catalyst of flavour to this spectacular tasting ice cream.
About 10 flavours in menu : Original, Comb Honey, Organic Mixed Grains, Popcorn, Dark Chocolate, Honeycomb, Affogato, Chocolate Beans and Organic Cotton Candy Affogato. 
Price Range : RM9.50 - RM14.50 
My most favourite is Organic Cotton Candy Affogato. Rich and aromatic warm expresso drizzle on the original soft ice cream, slightly bitter sweet sensation on the tongue. This is a must try for all coffee lovers! 
Honey Creme top choice topping ingredient [comb honey], is conscientiously selected from prestige bee farms globally. Natural honey comb comprises a variety of minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes and other healthy elements, since ancient times honey comb is known as a health tonic. Korean band group f(x) Victoria Song strongly recommended this with a thumb up! 
Well, this is not a traditional dark chocolate sauce ice cream. This dark chocolate soft ice cream drizzled with 2 premium dark chocolates, one is the imported dark chocolate sauce for the base and another one is dark chocolate gel. 
Dae Jang Geum's Korean medicinal food recipe to wellness is incorporated in this Organic Mixed Grains ice cream. This diet trend regimen demonstrated its prolific in Korea and now you got chance to taste this nutritional goodness in Malaysia too! This ice cream is based with caramel and canvas with granules of organic mixed grains (soy beans, brown rice, black sesame seeds, flax seeds, black beans, oats, rye, black glutinous rice and pearl barley), taste like traditional rice tea. This is an apt choice for seniors. =)
For sacchariferous lovers, you must not miss this popcorn ice cream. Caramel popcorns is imported from USA, capped around the original soft serve ice cream like resplendent lights on a snowy top. Heavenly taste when the crispy and crunchy caramel popcorns synthesise with the smooth soft serve ice cream. 
Recommended Flavours by Bowie (Who is Bowie? is me la!) 
– Dark Chocolate
– Caramel Popcorn
– Organic Cotton Candy Affogato
– Honey Creme Organic Mixed Grains
I don't like to eat too sweet, actually comb honey and caramel popcorn is quite sweet, personally think organic cotton candy affogato is my first picks! Love that dark chocolate flavour too, feel so good when the crunchy dark chocolate gel melts in my mouth. Honey Creme values finest and organic ingredients, presenting the contemporary style of gormandising soft serve ice cream, stimulates both your visual and taste that you never experience before, make us smile through the hot and humid 365 days.
Honey Creme @ Desa Sri Hartamas
(next to Mei by Fat Spoon)
20, Jalan 27/70A, 
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel : 03-6206 2879

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