Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2015-2016

December 28, 2015

Everybody loves shopping especially ladies! Honestly i have a closet full of everything that i need (clothes/ accessories/ shoes/ bags) but we never have enough, agree? LoL! Another year has passed, another year has come, the economy has been chronically weak but sarcastically rising living. We're all looking for ways to make savings for our better life. Everybody loves a bargain, yea true! who doesn't love bargain?!! There is something truly wonderful about finding good quality products for less than their retail price.
Finally got my hands on this book - Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2015-2016. Hello ladies, it's time to own the sales!

Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2015-2016
Enjoy 160 ready tear-out vouchers (discount & freebies) worth over RM20,000 on Fashion, Beauty & Wellness! Vouchers in this little book is valid until 30 April 2016, it is not limited to use in Klang Valley area but also can use it across Malaysia (East and West Malaysia).

Layout Design : Very simple and user friendly. It has table of contents by CATEGORY, AREA, MALL and STATES. 
Featuring brands : The Body Shop, ZALORA, Burt's Bees, Xixili, Jojoba Spa, De'cleor, Christy Ng Shoes, f block, Colour Culture, Celebrity Fitness, BMIC Nail Spa, Himalaya, HABIB Jewels and more!
Beauty Products
Pampering service
My Verdict : Feel so good when i saw there are quite many interested brands especially pampering session. Please check carefully T&C behind of vouchers, majority vouchers can be used when you have a minimum purchase there. If i am keen to buy the products, i feel "ok la~~" when i saw minimum purchase T&C. What is your first reaction when you saw "FREE" this word? Sure feel so excited right? But then when you turn voucher behind, there stated that need purchase minimum RM400 to get this FREE thing, would you still love to try this? Sorry, i am not! Although i was not too happy with some T&C, i think otherwise... This book is cost RM25 only, there are 160 vouchers in this book, some vouchers are offer FREE thing without T&C, so it is still worth even though you just enjoy 3-4 FREE things right? or goes to the brand that don't have this kind of offer to public. I love that Bubble Gum Wax vouchers because i real need it so badly and it is totally FREE (without T&C) for 1 session underarm wax and aloe vera mask worth RM82.You can check all contents of Worthy Book via their website. Just BE SMART and this Worthy Book is still worthy! =) 
Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2015-2016
Buy it via their official website
or MPH BookStores, Times, MyNews.com, Kinokuniya, Popular, Borders and 7-11 Stores.
Price : RM25 only

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