The Spiciest challenge I had!

December 19, 2015

I was invited to Cool Tea Spicy Challenge Event at Chilli Rush, Jaya One. As you can see from the event title, i have to challenge spicy foods! I am huge fan of spicy food, i must request put more and more sambal when i eat nasi lemak; ordered the most spicy level of Nandos chicken and additional most spicy sauce beside it. My friends always said my tongue can't taste spiciness anymore, hahaha! I was so excited to join this challenge, i thought i can eat super duper spicy foods but i was wrong, why? Read my blog patiently.
Kick start of this challenge event, a 'welcome drink' they serve in a shot glass. Well, if you enlarge my picture, you can see a chilli flake on top of drink. It is Chilli Rush (drink's name), made by Chilli Rush's secret recipe. Smell a bit unusual, taste like plum juice + chilli, it is not spicy for me.

We were having our dinner there and of course, everything were spicy!!!
Enjoyed dinner, chilled out with blogger friends. Suddenly Chilli Rush staffs ring the bell and served this on the table, it is chicken wing but with 10x spiciness level! What's spiciness level will you order when go to this kind of chicken wing restaurant? Definitely not level 10 right? It was drenched with very strong chilli sauce smell, i can smell it 1 meter from this. But for the people who like spicy so much, i was quite confident that i can finish it (that moment). Divided all of us into 5 groups, choose 5 winners from each group for those eat the most of it in 60 seconds, and went to the final round.
Game start! First Round.
* hey i am eating la! don't take my picture please....*
I took the first bite, i don't feel too spicy then i keep eating until the challenge ended, no doubt i was the winner among the group. After few seconds, OMG!!! followed instantly by the aftertaste of chicken wings, hits me like a punch! Soooooo spicy!!! When the MC announced that all the winners have to participate final round, i was like " GOSH!!! i don't want to join please!!!" I drank at least 2 bottle MAMEE cool tea after this, to stop the spiciness and cool down.
Final Round.
Spiciness of chicken wing is 100x spiciness of chilli padi, so we have to wear glove and sign on disclaimer. This round, we have to finish chicken wings as much as possible in 4 minutes. 
When i took first bite, OMG it is horrible flaming hot and my tongue was numb. Salute to the other 4 challengers, even though they were keep yelling there but they were finish about 3-4 pieces! *Sorry, i only finish one*
I won the fifth place at last, it was an interesting experience as we were all sweating and crying while we eat the chicken wings.
To make sure every challenger were playing on the safe side, drinks must be provided before challenge.With MAMEE Cool Tea, consumers can drink herbal tea anytime. Busy people will no longer have to worry in making own herbal tea through the complex processes of boiling for hours, sweetening and filtering.
Malaysia is a beautiful tropical country and it is like summer all year. Malaysian food consist of mostly hot, spicy, fried or barbecued and spicy food is the most famous and must-eat among tourists when visit Malaysia. Herbal tea has been known for their remarkable benefits due to the natural ingredients since ancient days. Herbs also help release heat from body by warming the body so that the pores open up and the body cools down through perspiration and also keep the body hydrated.
MAMEE understands the obsession of Malaysians over food. "Lagi Cool, Lagi Best" is their tagline and also the reason of MAMEE Cool Tea launched, it is a herbal drink to help keep your body naturally cool from the hot weather and spicy food by combining 8 natural herbal extracts derived from Mesona Chinesis, Liquorice Root, Lotus Leaf, Honeysuckle Flower, Chrysanthemum Flower, Mulberry Leaf, Selfheal and Grosvenor Momordica.

You can also pick it up at any 7-Eleven stores, Aeon, Tesco, The Store, Giant, Aeon Big, Econsave, KK Mart, Shell and Mydin.

MAMEE Cool Tea

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