Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake @ IOI City Mall

January 3, 2016

Still remember the craze when opening of the first Uncle Tetsu at 1 Utama? Long queue and a limited amount was instituted, people have to queuing up patiently for freshly baked cheesecakes, which take approximately 45 minutes. I always curious why peoples are crazy on Uncle Tetsu, so i google search and get to know their origin story.
Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake began on Oyafukou Street in Hakata and was introduced to a specialty Australian cheese. Their super soft, rich and flavourful freshly baked cheesecake spread throughout Japan faster than Uncle Tetsu could ever have hoped and has since become an international dessert phenomenon!
With all the hype, Uncle Tetsu expanded its branch across Malaysia and newly opened at IOI City Mall. Located near Secret Recipe and BMS Organic store, it is easy to find. Regarding their staff said, they have more baking equipments here so they can produce more cheesecake and customers don't need to wait so long. 

After the cheesecakes baked from the oven, they have to calm down a couple of minutes before wrapped and packed. If you wait at the kiosk, you could see the cake is still wobbly with its cheesy aroma fills the air, then passed it to you while it is still warm on hand.
Secret recipe of Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake
- Using premium and imported cream cheese. 
- Pasteurised eggs direct from local farm helps
- Luxury milk is the most secretive weapon that creates the deliciously fluffiness taste for UNCLE TETSU CHEESECAKE.

The awesome Signature Cheesecake taste from Japan is prepared and baked fresh daily, premium and imported ingredient is selected on preparing the batter, and steam baked it to perfection. Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake comes with tantalising aroma, cotton soft & fluffiness texture!
There are 2 flavours available for Signature Cheese Cake - Original / Chocolate flavour 
 RM21 each.
Size : 7 inch

How's the taste? 
It is so light, soft, fluffy and fresh! Literally melts in your mouth and always leaves you wanting more. It is kind of feather light cheese cake, different with the heavy American cheesecake. I love those fluffy and soft cake such as sponge cake, this original flavour is too cheesy. *sorry i am not cheesecake lover* 
But i love chocolate flavour one as the chocolate flavour is so rich but cake still fluffy. =)

Uncle Tetsu Cheese Zuccotto (Angel Hat ) RM21.90
Size : 4 inch
Uncle Tetsu Cheese Zuccotto, also known as Hat Series, is a mouth watering dessert that baked in a round bowl mold, this adorable shape was inspired by the amazing dome of Duomo di Firenze, Italy and also the skull cap worn by the Italian clerics. It is a combination of premium cheese from Australia and New Zealand. 
3 flavours available : Chocolate, Strawberry and Original.

How's the taste? 
Each bite of UNCLE TETSU CHEESE ZUCCOTTO are full of rich, frothy, creamy texture, and it is incredibly lighter than Signature Cheesecake. Like the creamy and moisture texture with its chilled, personally think this is kinda like angel cake. 

Uncle Tetsu Signature Cheesestick RM 8.50 each
3 flavours available : Chocolate, Strawberry and Original.
Yuhoo ~~ had you ever eat very crispy cheesestick? It cut sliced from the Cheese Zuccotto and baking them required additional accuracy and care to achieve perfect crisp on every sides of the Cheesestick, so it is so crunchy and bubbly.To produce the highest quality snacks, they spent a total of 3 hours in making each batch of UNCLE TETSU CHEESESTICK.

There are no preservatives or additives in Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake, so customers will be advise to finish this within 3 days. Once you can't finish on the day you purchase, please store the cakes in the refrigerator to keep fresh. 
Uncle Tetsu is the perfect treat whenever you’re in the mood for something special! 
Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake
LG-41-B, IOI City Mall, 
62502 Putrajaya.

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