My wonderful scaling & polishing @ KL City Dentists, Menara HSC

January 31, 2016

I've been bothered by my crooked bottom teeth many years, i seldom smile when taking picture because of this problem. My crooked bottom teeth problem is not too serious but very obvious look like extra teeth. After my eating, plaque is easily trapped between teeth and gums of crowded teeth, it is difficult to brushing and flossing and most common causes for gum disease. had phobia after visited a dentist for scaling, it was so hurt and bleeding. After that, i dare not to go for scaling anymore. It was about 2 years ago since my last scaling, i know... there are a lot of tartar on my teeth and i need scaling badly. 

Why scaling is so important? 
Regular cleaning habits can help to keep teeth healthy for lifetime. Removes plaque, calculus, stains and other harmful elements from tooth surface is one on the most significant procedures that helps to keep gums and teeth healthy and firm, that's called scaling. 
I had an appointment with Dr Mong from KL City Dentists before i flight off to Bangkok, because i know i can't avoid scaling anymore so i go and try another new dentist. KL City Dentists have been newly opened for a year only, it is located 7th floor of Menara HSC along Jalan Ampang.
Nervous nervous nervous!!!!! that's the only thing in my mind while i taking lift go up. KL City Dentists give me a very good first impression as it unlike other common dental clinics with their very annoying medicine smell. The interior design is cozy and warm, i was greeted by their friendly receptionist. Though i'm still overshadowed by my phobia, this is my best dentist appointment ever. 
KL City Dentists has the best KL view in their dental surgery rooms. Breezy room with beautiful blue sky and soft music, i almost forgot what is my purpose to come here, LOL!!! 
My dentist is Dr. Mong, well~ he is handsome right? =P I think he knew my nervous, he was very patient and polite while checking my teeth and explained the procedures that i need to go thru. ^^ Before scaling, Dr. Mong did an oral checking and 2 x-rays done to reveal more than just the condition of my teeth and gums. After that, he was explained my teeth and gum condition with the x-rays taken. He told me that i had mild Periodontal Disease, due to my tartar caused bacterial gum infections that destroy the gums and supporting bone that hold my teeth. He advised that routine scaling and polishing is a must to do to protect my teeth. Seriously, I am so impressed with his professional service while i never had it at previous dentists. Who will explain your teeth problem with 'easy-understand-language' patiently? right??? 
Next, i got to wear a protective glasses and proceeded to the professional cleaning which is scaling and polishing. I feel comfortable and no pain at all, Dr. Mong was extremely polite but efficiency to cleaning my teeth. It took about 45 minutes to done scaling and polishing, no bleeding no pain! ^^
Before do scaling and polishing *sorry if my teeth is ugly =( *
 After scaling and polishing, i feel so "empty" because the tartar between the teeth is removed. My color tone of teeth is slightly lighter than before, i feel so good!!! *very happy* 
Thanks to Dr. Mong to providing me with excellent, personalized care and service to make me feel comfortable and pleasant. I think scaling no longer is my phobia, definitely i will make this dentist clinic as my favourite for my routine dentist check up. Bear in mind, routine dentist cleaning is very important to keep your teeth healthier.

KL City Dentists provide a wide range of dental services: 
- Comprehensive Examination & Consultation
Oral Cancer Screening, Radiographs (X-Rays)
- Prevention ​
Fissure Sealants, Fluoride Treatment, Oral Hygiene Instruction, Diet Analysis
- Restorative 
Fillings, Crowns & Bridges, Veneers ,Root Canal Treatment
- Periodontal Treatment (Gum Treament)
Scaling & Root Planing (Subgingival scaling/Deep Cleaning)
- Orthodontics
e-Cligners (Invisible Braces)
- Aesthetic 
Whitening (Chairside & Home Kit), Veneers
- Children Dentistry
- Oral Surgery
Extractions, Wisdom Tooth Extraction

KL City Dentists
7-03, Level 7
Menara HSC
187 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603- 2181 5792

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