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January 9, 2016

It's about second years since i've been single to celebrate Christmas, most of my friends are married or in a relationship so i won't disturb them to ask celebrate Christmas with me. Last year i was just stay home and celebrate Christmas eve with my precious furkids, this year (oops! should i said last year? it's 2016 now!!!) i got a date with a bunch of blogger friends to having dinner at Hubba Hubba @ Mont Kiara on Christmas eve. 
Hubba Hubba at Mont Kiara is a gastrolounge designed to let your have a rollicking good time, under the wings of SOUL Society Group which steers brands such as SOULed OUT, Tujo Bar-sserie & Grill and WIP. With a tagline of Hooked On Life, Hubba Hubba never put off till tomorrow the fun you can have today!

With cozy, simple yet stylish interior design, it's oozes a casual warmth and resonates a homey feeling to diners.
Started our Christmas eve dinner with appetiser.
* Soup & Salad have to refer to their Deli counter* 
So i have no idea what is the name of this salad, but taste good as this is a salad mixture with Penne pasta and assorted vegetable.
Lamb Shank Pie   RM 32
Strongly recommended! Melt-in-the-mouth lamb shank is gently braised with rosemary, carrot and red wine, all encased in a golden puff pastry blanket. The gravy is so rich but a little bit salty, i suggest that eat together with lamb shank+pie+gravy. Good food is worth to wait, please take note that lamb shank pie need 20 minutes wait time.
Chicken Wing  RM 16
Strongly recommended!A special chicken wing and i can't stop to eat this! Deep fried with curry leaves, chilli padi and onions , this is a finger licking good snacks! 
Hubba Popcorn Chicken  RM16
It is a Japanese style boneless fried chicken, crunchy and crispy bite size definitely is the kids love.

There are serving some Asian delights in Hubba Hubba, such as fried beef rice noodles, char kway teow, spicy kampung fried rice and more...
Nasi Lemak   RM 18
Coconut Pandan flavoured rice, served with peanuts, anchovies, cucumber, boiled egg and chicken rendang.
Chicken Wala Wala   RM 22
It is a boneless chicken stewed in Indian Makhani onion gravy, served with raita & pulao rice.
Satay  RM 15
Diners can choose either chicken/ beef/ mixed.
8 sticks satay served with ketupat, cucumber, onion and peanut gravy.
 Pommery Salmon   RM 28
 Strongly recommended! Sweet pommery glazed tender salmon fillet, served with tangy garlic potato mash and asparagus. I love to eat that juicy salmon fillet while take a bite of garlic potato mash, nothing much to say but it is so delicious.
Jerk out Chicken   RM 24
Pan baked jerk marinated chicken, served with mashed potatoes and greens. Jerk sauce, which is commonly used to marinate chicken to more flavourful. Juicy and fall-off-the-bone tender chicken is the best dish i had that night.
 Hainanese Chicken Chop   RM 24
Served with hainanese sweet and sour sauce, sweet potato fries and petite salad. All of us were so liking that sweet potato fries, nothing to shout about the chicken chop.
Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti   RM 25
It is kind of Thai style agile olio but topped with crispy tangy soft shell crab. I always love thai style cooking as it makes the dishes opening up the appetite.
Seafood Aglio Olio  RM28
Linguine with prawns, squid, mussels, anchovies, garlic and olive oil.
 Sirloin Steak   RM 48
Strongly recommended! Look forward to this dish when i've got a thick, juicy and perfectly grilled steak like this OH MY GOD! Served with black pepper sauce, grilled asparagus and garlic mash potato. 
 Full Monty Pizza   RM 25
Beautiful pinky pizza crust made from tomato, carefully crafted with flavorful, superior-quality ingredients and toppings such as sausage, meatballs, beef bacon, fresh tomato and mozzarella.
Four Cheese Pizza   RM 25
It is also a tomato crust pizza and this is suitable for Vegetarian because it doesn't contain any meat inside. It generally topped with mozzarella, feta, goat cheese, fontina, basil and tomato.
Peach Melon Margaritas   RM 24
My favorite! Asam Boi Mojitos  RM 25
It really is a great place for the family or friends to enjoy good food, a couple of drinks and just chill.
#throwback Christmas picture with my precious =)
And wish you a Happy New Year! A great 2016 year ahead! 
Hubba Hubba [Mont Kiara]
Level G, Seni Mont Kiara,
2A, Changkat Duta Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-205 0442

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