Christmas Charity : Bene Box Project X Caffe Bene

January 8, 2016

First of all, " Happy New Year to all my lovely readers!" It's new year 2016, "Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instil in us". Good year to all of you ya! 
There are too many pending posts in December'15, so i got no time to blog about how i spent my Christmas day and here is one of the throwback post. =)

Do you celebrate Christmas? What will you do on Christmas? hmm... i think most of us are very happy if can receive Christmas gift right? *immediately raised my hand*
In December 2015, i was given a mission to make a child smile in this Christmas'15. That's was a very meaningful project i joined! Bene Box Project was organised by The Butterfly Project Malaysia and in partnership with Caffe Bene at IOI Mall.

Butterflies were given a name list to pick one child from the home of Yayasan Seribu Harapan Malaysia, and then pack anything a kid might love into a Caffe Bene Bingsu takeaway plastic box, decorated with love and delivery to them before Christmas. 
I think i more understood what's the girl like so I picked a 16 year old girl. Gift~~~ it's quite headache to buy a gift for a teenager, they are experience highs and lows through changes in their lives, both emotionally and physically and i know nothing from her! At the end, i prepared lunch box (so she can use it in her college/ uni life), watermelon pen (fancy thing can kick away stressful), bulldog sleeping mask, rilakkuma bear multitasking box (may be she loves the cute thingy?) and more... 
Deng Deng Deng~~ my gift box decorated by me! D.I.Y peachy color flowers and golden ribbon makes the bingsu box looks more festive and girlish. Nice or not? Nice or not???
* I will blog about tutorial of making that paper flower soon, stay tuned*
Leona and me.
With dearest Kak Ella. ^^ 
Caffe Bene did a great job to brighten our early morning with their coffee and sandwiches. The event start at 10.30am, it is not my wake up time (sorry my wake up time at 11am LoL!), i need coffee so badly. Caffe Bene served us with roasted coffee which made from the world's best seasonally harvested fresh coffee beans and brewed to perfection.   
Picture credits to Rachell Ho.
This is a must to do at Caffe Bene, Bingsu time!!!! Bene Bingsu is leading the market in taste and style, using the best premium Caffebene ingredients. 
Flavors from the left to right : Coffee Bingsu, Green Tea Bingsu, Strawberry Bingsu, Choco Bene Bingsu, Original Bingsu and Cookie & Cream Bingsu.
I love the coffee Bingsu and green tea Bingsu because these 2 are not too sweet as others. 
How do you eat the Bingsu? start from topping -> ice -> bottom? 
No Way! it is totally tasteless if you eat like this. They were demo the correct way to eat Bingsu, check video above.
Caffe Bene as a multi-purpose cafe, you are not surprise to get Italian Gelato here. Caffe Bene's Italian Gelato made from healthy ingredients with rich flavor of fresh milk that fits wellbeing-oriented generation. I had been recommended to take dark chocolate flavor (myself also love dark chocolate so much), when i take a bite...awwww..... the flavour of this gelato is so deep that i was like eating a very rich chocolate... sooooo good!!! 
Picture credits to Tammy Lim.
We were sending love to you, children from the home of Yayasan Seribu Harapan Malaysia! 
Kirtana, my girl from the home of Yayasan Seribu Harapan Malaysia... jie jie really hope you will like it.

Caffe Bene Cafe 

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