REALASH Eyelash Enhancer and Brow Conditioner Review After 30 days

August 2, 2016

Do you remember my blog post about Eyelash Enhancer and Brow Conditioner from REALASH on end of June? Get started using this from that time until now, it's about one month ago. I was promised a review after i use it for 30 days, so... here is it! 

REALASH Eyelash Enhancer amazed me with the result. Frankly speaking, i am in doubt when i received eyelash enhancer and brow conditioner, because it is quite unbelievable got this such of products to enhance your lash effectively within one month, it's like a magic you know? LOL! But after 2 weeks of using REALASH, I'm truly impressed with it! 

Let the picture speak for itself.

Bowie's Review  |  REALASH Eyelash Enhancer
My lashes are strong and slightly longer, less lashes falling out. Also you can see my lashes become thicker and volumizes, I can’t imagine how's good of the result after 60 days! It does not cause any irritations or allergies of my eyes. 
How to use 

Apply it on the upper eyelid at the roots of your lashes. Use it once a day after removing your makeup for the night. It is easy to use, with only one stroke of the brush is enough to enjoy beautiful lashes! 3ml serum is enough for 4-5 month treatment, it's worth it! 
Bowie's Review  |  REALASH Brow Conditioner
Even though my original brow is dark, i still looking for the fuller brow which i can save my brow pencil and time to draw the shape out everyday, LOL! After 30 days, my brows are visibly fuller and darker! The conditioner was very gentle on my skin, it doesn't cause acne/ break out. But please bear in mind that for best results the conditioner should be used regularly for 8-12 weeks, so i feel so happy with this result in just 30 days! 

How to use
Remove your makeup. (*Make sure your eyebrows are dry and clean.) Apply BROW from the inner to outer side of brows once a day, before sleep.
Now I can going out confidently without drawing my brows or applying mascara! (if i am in a rush!). I really dislike to put a full makeup on my face everyday because it is harmful to my skin, i rather apply eyeliner and mascara sometimes. 
 [Without draw brows and mascara]
Thanks for the REALASH, my lashes are healthier-looking and nourished. I am still look energetic when I got a bare face.
[With makeup]
It is become easier when go for full makeup, because i just need a little touch up on my brows and eyelashes. 
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