DIY bra to wear backless top/dress

August 29, 2016

In recent season fashion collection, you can find out a lot of backless top or dress. No doubt, backless trend is the perfect example of something that makes us swoon when we see it on others. Sometimes you wish had them all but you can't because of one issue - Do you bra or do you not bra? 
I believe that most of the girls are facing this problem and feel embarrassed to ask for solution. I am one of them, i love to buy those backless top especially i found a lot of my favourite design in recent collection. But just because the dress i love doesn't work with traditional bras and i just let go the dress. *sob sob* 
I really hate to use stick-on bra, sticky bras notoriously offer even less support than a strapless one, i feel not secure and uncomfortable with it. 
No worries, i found the solution for you and me! *blink blink eyes*

I'll teach you how to wear this season's backless trend with DIY solution. 
One day, i was in a hurry but i want to wear my new cloth which is backless top. But i didn't buy any available bra for this, so i DIY with my current materials, here is it!

For low-backed Top/ dresses: 

wrap-around bra-converting straps.
1. Go find another bra straps.
2. Attach straps to your bra.
3. Criss-cross the straps and fasten the straps in front.

This strap will give you those extra couple of inches you need to pull off that slightly-too-low, low-backed dress, so flexible! 
Trust me! this is secure enough, i can go out whole day without worries! 
Jorya Weekend Backless Top | Jorya Jeans Skirt | Zara Shoes
There's a big different between showing off beautiful bra and having a strap sticking on your back from the backless dress. Which is fashionable and which is unstylish? 
I hope this article can help you all. 
xoxo. Night! 

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