Chosungah22 is now available exclusively in SASA!

August 17, 2016

An-nyeong-ha-se-yo! There is another NEW Korean cosmetic brand landed in Malaysia!
Chosungah22 is one of the most established cosmetic brand in Korea, derives from the principle that makeup is a fun process of finding one’s strength instead of hiding one’s weakness and that ‘Makeup should be simple and fun’. Hence, you can find out their packaging is real colourful and funky! 

As Korea’s first generation professional makeup artist, Chosungah the Creative Director of the brand led the fashion and advertising industry, directing the beauty concept of the greatest divas and female celebrities, to create the legend of K-Beauty. In fact, Chosungah is the first makeup artist to collaborate with major cosmetic companies in Korea.

I was invited to Chosungah22 launch event at Boxes Cafe BBCC, where a place can let you take pictures like crazy, LOL! 
Makeup demonstration. 
Chosungah22 Best-sellers
Fresh Mix C&T Blender with SPF 30++  RM 159
Chosungah22's iconic product! Fresh Mix C&T Blender with SPF 30++ is a multi-functions foundation with the ultimate “fresh mixing” provides the best ingredients mixed right before the makeup to create the best conditioned skin.
Effect : - Seamless coverage, enhances the beautiful reflection of the skin boosts the facial contour.
- Instant line-filling effect that camouflages and fills in fine lines and bumps, allowing smooth and even-toned skin.
3D mesh-structure amplifies the longevity of the shade.
Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker  RM 89
I thought this is a highlighter pen! This packaging is so fun and caught your eyes with the neon colours casing! Brow Maker allows simple touch to create vivid and full brow with a triangular-tip that considers the angle of the wrist. 
Strong water and sweat resisting texture that lasts for 24 hours. 

Jell-O Color Kit  RM 169
Comes in a matte color kit to provide delicate shading and a sparkling color kit with dazzling and glittering pearls. I was surprised when i touch on this eye shadow because it is soft and bouncy like a fluffy cushion! Actually it is Jelly formula that naturally blends without flaking, fit perfectly with all skin tones.
Make up tips of Korea eye contouring make-up : Use your fingers to gently apply Jell-O Color Kit eyeshadow #JUPITER (matte beige) all over your eyelids to add shading. Apply #MARS (sparkle bronze) from the centre of your eyelids to the outer corner of your eyes to create more profound eyes. Then apply #VENUS (sparkling pink) around inner corner of your eyes to create bright and alluring eyes.  
Dual Lip Tint & Gloss  RM 89
Infused with soothing cupuacu butter that moisturizes and volumizes lips, leaves the lips hydrated even while on the go. The long-lasting gel-based tint offers two different shades of rich, bold and vibrant color. 
Chosungah22 is now ONLY exclusively available in SASA stores. 
What kind of witchcraft makeup tricks of Chosungah22 products? 
Check it out at all SASA stores and also the latest promotion!
Chosungah22 website :

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