PANAZ Slimming Pants

August 5, 2016

Recently I have received a lot of reviews regarding fitness, slimming and detox. Perhaps it's time for me to kick start a new habit and overcome my laziness =) 
I have a hectic schedule, 24 hours a day seriously not enough to use so i don't have time to travel out from my house to the gym room just because of 1 or 2 hour exercise. If stuck in traffic jam, for sure i don't have mood again to exercise and going to gym become my burden. Yeah~~ I am slim and thin, exercise is important for maintaining good health, also to torch excess fat and boost overall muscle tone, so 100 times sit-up is in my must-do list every night.
Panaz Slimming Pants is one of the product review that i received recently, it came just at the right time! 
The name Panaz is originated from local language (Malay) “ PANAS “ that indicates hot, it is designed to :
1. Helps to sweat more, burn more body calories during daily activities like watching TV, walking around, exercise and so on... 
2. Maximize fitness routine.
3. Help achieve slimmer waist and thighs with a natural and healthy way.
4. Improve overall well-being.
It is suitable to wear anytime, anywhere, and it is designed for everyone! 
Size available : S to 4XL size (available in big size) 
Panaz Slimming Pants comes in good quality with pocket design and super stretchable, great for all kind of activities especially outdoor activities when you are headache where to put your mobile phone or money.
It is professionally tailored in 3 layers:
Inner layer: Intelligent fabrics absorb sweat to keep your skin comfortable at all time.
Middle layer: Warming material, heat retention to burn body fats.
Outer layer: High quality fabrics, sculpted to your body curves.
Please read Panaz Wash Care Instruction carefully! 
It can be hand wash and hang to dry ONLY.  
Please DO NOT use washing machine , soak it, wring it, iron it, bleach it and use dryer!
You are wrong if you thought the fabric is thicker because this is so called slimming pants. The material of pants are thinner engineered, hence it is more suitable to wear under hot weather in Malaysia. The most amazing part is, i not even realise my thigh is sweating when i was wearing Panaz Slimming Pants! When i take off, then i felt my leg get wet. It is because the inner materials absorb the sweat to keep you comfortable and not even realize its sweating.  
Recommended to wear 3-5 hours every day for better results, remember measure your waist & hips  every 2 weeks to check the results. 
I took the S size, just look at my picture above. It show how super stretchable it is! =)
PANAZ Slimming Pants, more than just a pants!
Price : RM 149

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