Toridoki @ Desa Sri Hartamas

November 7, 2015

Toridoki is the newest specialised Yakitori bars that have popping up at Desa Sri Hartamas since few months ago. "Yakitori" are grilled chicken skewers made from bite sized pieces of meat from all different parts of chickens, such as chicken breast, thigh, skin, liver and other innards.
Toridoki wants to serve the authentic Japanese Yakitori and make Yakitori popular in KL. To keep an authentic Japanese quality, Japanese chef in Toridoki has choose and selected the best and freshest ingredients to prepare Yakitori everyday.
Step in Toridoki, greeted with a warm welcome by friendly staffs, the ambiance and interior design has the same look and feel as the stores in Japan to makes you feel that you are dining in Japan. This new breed of Yakitori eatery is fast gaining a following and caters a lot of Japanese love to go there after work and it always full house in weekends.
Welcome treats : Ladies finger and assorted vegetables dressing with sesame sauce.
Konsai Salad   RM 18
Must try!A combination of root vegetable salad included carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato and broccoli, seasoning with their homemade Caesar dressing and granted cheese.
This combination works great! Every bite is crunchy and wonderful flavours which blew my mind away.
Nagaimo Garlic Butter   RM 12
Highly recommend to you, this is mountain yam pan-fried with garlic powder, soya sauce and black pepper and pan-fried. It was so delicious! 
Teba Age    RM 10
Must try! Fried chicken wing with sweet and spicy sauce, this secret recipe makes fried chicken wing so tender, juicy and tangy! This is really good. 
The humble yakitori is the main character of Toridoki, grilled any part from chicken on skewers are just the perfect comfort food especially a hard day of work and stress, paired with beers is the best! All these yakitori meat is so tender and delicious. 
Toridoki  RM 8 (Most popular dish, Chicken breast and thigh)
Negima   RM 5 (Chicken thigh and Japanese leek)
Tsukune   RM11 (Chicken meatball)
Tori Maruyaki   RM 45
Must try! Roasted whole chicken. This is a pre-order dish because it need a lot of time for preparation. Chicken are marinated 1 day before with herbs and seasoning, roasted for 1 hour before served. 
The chicken was very tender and has great fall-off-the-bone chicken meat.
Served with 3 sauces (spicy sauce, Himalaya Sea Salt and Japanese Soy sauce) which to help kick up my taste buds.
Camembert Cheese Yaki Onigiri   RM 12
Houjicha Pudding    RM 10.
Love this so so much! Made with Hojicha the roasted green tea, i always love this more than steamed Matcha. The taste is heavenly delicious, very smooth pudding texture with aroma of Hojicha and followed by brown sugar syrup, definitely re-order 123 times for me! 
A wide range of alcohol available here, included beers, highball, Hoppy, Shochu, Sour, Sake, Wine and cocktails.
If you prefer to try something authentic Japanese style, try Hoppy. It is a beer taste beverage and Japanese distilled liquor, very mild till nearly non-alcoholic.
Hoppy Set   RM24
Mix Naka (Shochu) with Soto (Hoppy).
Although all are about chicken, but i had a great night with these all great foods. Recommend to you sincerely, makes your weekend night special. =P

No 40, Jalan 24/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012- 937 3754

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