3 Fashion Essentials For An OVERNIGHT

November 8, 2015

Had you try unplanned overnight? Sometimes we do not feel going back to our place, sometimes we prefer to hang out at friend’s house for non-stop girls talk, sometimes going for an overnight road trip or sometimes have to hang outs overnight due to work overloaded or personal excuses. No matter what is the reason behind, there are a few fashion essentials for overnight/unplanned overnight that makes you feel secure which you can pull off anywhere you go. 

Here are three fashion essentials which any women should always have by them whether in their car, emergency backpack or even in handbag!
1. Small makeup bag
Women can never be separated with their makeup items even though on overnight days, carry a small makeup bag with basic makeup items such as powder, concealer, eyeliner and lipstick. It is great if you have mini version makeup items, you can throw more items into your small makeup bag such as mini mascara/ mini liquid toothbrush. It can be easy to throw your small makeup bag in your handbag (if bigger size) or car, forget about full makeup kit when you want a quick fix up with a natural simple touch. 
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2. Cardigan
Cardigans are a must-have item to have with you at all times, you will never know when it might come in handy. For example you suddenly get invite to watch movie/ feel cold in raining day or at office/ wish to change another style to attend dinner after work. Cardigans allow you dress up your outfit into an improved look while keeping you warm in cold weathers. Be smart, choose a cardigan which is not too thin or too thick so you can keep it easily and bring it go anywhere.
My kind of OOTD for cardigans
* Wearing cardigan and yoga pants at 3rd photo.
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3. Yoga pants
Can you believe Yoga pants are definitely a versatile piece for women to have in their closet? Just need some tips that will instantly dress up your look, what you need to do is LAYER UP!
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Fashion Tips 
  • wear your yoga pants and T-shirt with cardigans/ jacket.
  • Bring a cute handbag/ wear a statement necklace/ a pair of sunglasses.
  • Pair with an oversized sweater, or wear them underneath a dress.
They’re perfect no matter what you’re doing, whether you’re lounging after a concert or are planning an early morning sport for the next day, yoga pants will always come in handy! Definately yoga pants are the ultimate essential for an overnight trip. 

With these 3 easy fashion essentials, you’ll find that you really can find a happy balance between overnight stay and fashion! Be a fashionista overnight by including a well-known brands along with your favorite retailers at ZALORA.

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