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November 24, 2015

If you are foodie, might realise there are a lot of Japanese grill and bars that have been popping up across the Klang Valley in this year, specialising in skewers/ Yakitori etc.
Izakaya Kushi Raku specializes in kushikatsu, a Japanese dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat and vegetables. It is the latest hangouts in TTDI, located besides of Pickle & Fig because Izakaya Kushi Raku owned and operated by the same owner of Pickle & Fig. =) That is a huge different between Pickle & Fig and Izakaya Kushi Raku, Pickle & Fig is to offer healthy fresh handcrafted panini, sandwiches and smoothies. However, Izakaya Kushi Raku is serving the flavourful skewers and beers. There are lack of parking space during working hours, but ample of parking space after working hour. 
Izakaya Kushi Raku setup as a modern, hassle-free and fun Japanese grilled bar. Adding a Japanese touch to interior design, hang up the red lenterns and bamboo at the entrance, Sake bottles can be seen on top of the rack and even the furniture is mostly custom made to bring cohesiveness to the whole ambience.
There are some unique dish in Izakaya Kushi Raku worth to gorge on, according to the owner, humbly offers skewers of chicken wings, pork meat ball, pork belly, bacon wrapped rice, beef ribeye, scallop, prawn, mushroom, cherry tomato... which you can't really find it in Japanese grill bars.
Chuka Sazae Niku    RM9
So sorry that i didn't take a proper photo of it, it is actually behind of the sake. ><!!! This is an appetizer made from snail meat. Marinated in special sauce so i don't know this is snail meat until they told me, it is chewy in texture and flavourful, but a bit salty and i think it will be best paired with ice cold Japanese beer or a sparkling sake. 

Eihire (Skate Fin, left in picture)   RM10
It's a delicacy! The longer you chew Eihire, the more flavorsome it. I just can't stop to eat it before the food serve.

Gekkeikan Sake    RM19 (per jar)
Gekkeikan is one of the world's leading sake brands and naturally brewed with contains no added sulfites. 
 Chicken Wings Salt  (Teba Shio)    RM7 
Succulent pieces of meat on a stick grilled to perfection, with crispy skin. It's the simplicity of skewers but also a delightful bites.
Pork Belly Special (Bara Yaku to Age)    RM7
I am so sorry that i didn't try this because i don't take pork. *paiseh*
 Chicken Thighmeat with Wasabi Mayo (Momo Wasabi Mayone-zu)    RM5
 Cherry Tomato    RM4 
Grilled cherry tomato with salt only, taste the freshness and charred flavor.
Beef Ribeye with Miso Sauce (Gyumiso)    RM11 
Definitely this is my favourite! Indulged me with this juicy, tender and mouthwatering skewers, absolutely delicious!

Other than that, some comfort udon, soba, Japanese curry rice and tempura is also available as well as their signature appetizers as well. Seasonal special menu is available such as fresh seashells, do not hesitate to check with the owner or staffs. 
Squid Stuffed Rice (Ikasaki Raisu Zume)    RM27 
Succulent squid stuffed with delicious mixture of rice, a sophisticated dish and i have high expectation on it, but it's a little bit salty. 
 Grilled Riceball with Salmon (Salmon Yakionigiri)    RM7

As a Japanese grill bar, Izakaya Kushi Raku serve a range of awesome beers and sake of course! Recommended the Sparkling Sake which is very good to go with the skewers. Izakaya Kushi Raku is also one of the few bars that serves Kirin Ichiban (Oh My! i love this beer!!! it is kinda gentle and smooth). It must be a wonderful place for sake lovers. =)
Izakaya Kushi Raku is a fun place to catch up with friends and stay chill for the evening with some good foods and nice beer. 

Izakaya Kushi Raku
28, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours: 
Mon-Fri : 12.00pm-1.00am
Sat : 4.00pm-1.00am
* Sunday Closed 

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