Mandara Spa @ Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

November 27, 2015

Mandara Spa located on the highest peak of the Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa.
Come out from hotel (5th floor), you will see yellow red umbrella and just follow these 2 color of umbrellas to the Spa. 
Walking along a tree lined road along, enjoy the sunshine and wind blow, admiring the lush green scene around and a great swell of peace washed over me. Blending unobtrusively to its natural surrounding, where a repertoire of treatments elevates the body, mind and spirit to a state of pure bliss and inner peace, temporary disconnected from the busy life and the stresses. 
Mandara Spa is one of the largest and fastest growing luxury hotel and resort spa treatment and management companies in the world by providing Balinese traditions healing massage and spa, there are over 70 Mandara Spas around the world. 
Thanks for invitation from Mandara Spa Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, i had experience the Balinese passion and tradition healing arts. It's been quite a long time since my last spa treatment in KL because i am quite picky on massage/ spa service, just a right time to pampering my super tired body, mind and soul. 
I was greeted by friendly receptionist, sitting at the reception area with combination of retail gallery and relaxation pavilions, a large scenic-verandah which frame a picturesque view of the resort’s shimmering lagoon and lush greenery. 
I was served with Ginger Tea and cooling mint scented towels, then the therapist asked me to fill in a health form before go to spa.
The Mandara Spa embraces a contemporary Asian ambiance, there are 2 spacious double spa suites complete with en-suite sunken bath and steam-shower room, 5 single therapy suites, 3 of which includes single spa suites with en-suite steam-shower room. 
A comprehensive range of spa, massage, facials, body wraps, spa manicure/ pedicure services to satisfy every needs. Mandara Spa is using all range of Elemis spa and facial products, this luxury range from United Kingdom acquired by the worlds largest spa service provider and won a lot of beauty awards, it is number 1 anti-aging skin care in UK. The Pro-Collagen anti wrinkle series is their award winners and star products. 
I had the Frangipani Body Glow Spa Package (RM598.90) entailed a series of body scrub, body massage, body wrap and mini facial, took about 2 hours.Work overloaded every day included baking/ making fondant figurine/ wash and clean/ blogging/ take care my furkids, this is my daily routine and sometime might need to attend event. My shoulder is pain and my body and soul are tired. I just need a 2 hours totally relax myself, at least... this 2 hours will do!
It was difficult to snap pictures in a spa room with low lighting. I didn't take picture while doing spa and massage, i was too relaxing *sorry!*
Firstly, spa therapist wanted to entice my body to an exfoliation with a difference. Using a sumptuous Elemis Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow massaged into my skin to slough away dryness and drizzled warmed oils over my body"Aww..." so comfortable and reduce my physical tension that often accompanies stress. After that i went to the shower to clean the oil and scrubs. Go for body wrap to embalm my body with Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Oil and meanwhile received a relaxing scalp massage and a mini facial whilst wrapped in the fragrant cocoon. I love Frangipani and its fragrant, love their sweet scent and sheer beauty of the flower. End my very relaxing luxury spa with Balinese Massage. The body massage is perfect for me, my therapist massage skill is so good until i fall asleep, LoL! 
I had a wonderful time at Mandara Spa, my skin now is smooth like a baby soft skin even though a week after this spa, feel relaxed and refreshed of all the knots. Appreciate for the excellent therapists, quality products and the greenery scene.
Mandara Spa
Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Contact : +6 03 7492 8000


  1. I wanna have baby soft skin too :P Very much in need for a real good spa session to relax right now

  2. Wah you bojio *cry* I've tried the spa session at Mandara Spa before and it is really very good! Let's go again together next time

  3. Such a gorgeous place... I want to try it out also.... hehehe

  4. Now I know where can I get my spa treatment. This place is simply gorgeous!

  5. very nice place to enjoy a spa :) already save it in my contact for my next spa session :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  6. I have tried their spa and massage, it was really relaxing and good.

  7. Their spa is pretty good here and the atmosphere is very relaxing too. Love the pictures babe, keep them coming ;)

  8. Now only I know Sunway Spa Resort looks so pretty and forest feel! hehe Gonna try and enjoy the spa next time!

  9. wah..bestnyaaa..cantik tempat ni..feeling like i need my spa session now :p

  10. planning to go there soon enough,. Looks so tranquil and nice.

  11. such a great place to relax and unwind. Nearby too.

  12. Very zen like environment. Would definitely pop-by someday for a break :)


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