Dim Sum New Selection@ Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Hotel KL

November 10, 2015

Dynasty Restaurant at Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur is a serving non-Halal 5 stars Cantonese food Chinese restaurant. A lot of restaurants/ hotels move towards serving Halal dishes, there are left few choices of Non-Halal Chinese restaurant in town. For those who want to satisfy their pork cravings at a non-halal restaurant, Dynasty Restaurant will satisfying your taste buds with flavourful treat of the senses. 
I was invited to savour a new selection delicious home-made Dim Sum by newly appointed Dim Sum Chef Chong Foo Tuck who with over 30 years of experience in Dim Sum making.

Dynasty Restaurant's dining room, a fusion design with traditional and contemporary concept.
Dim Sum delights are available every day for lunch. Price starts from RM12.60 nett onwards per portion. Let's check it out what is the new dim sum add in...
Chef's Signature Creation
Steamed Shanghai dumpling simmered in superior stock 上海灌汤小籠包   RM 14.80
Steamed Shanghai dumpling simmered in superior stock commonly known as Shanghai Xiao Long Bao, filling with soup and juicy minced meat in thin dumpling skin, simmered in superior stock (Asian soup).
Signature chive biscuit   黄金招牌韭菜饼   RM 14.80 
Definitely this is a MUST-TRY dim sum, every bites can fill your mouth with the enticing aroma of chive!
Steamed bun with egg yolk custard   满福招牌流沙包   RM13.80 
Wok-fried radish cake with shrimps and bean sprout   蝦仁腊味萝卜糕    RM13.80
Wok-fried adish cake fried with chives, bean sprouts, eggs and shrimps. This is spiciness! 
Emerald dumpling topped with fresh scallop   翡翠带子饺    RM 13.80 
Seafood roulade with bamboo pith   野生竹笙海鲜卷  RM 13.80 
Bouncy texture of the springy seafoods, fresh and crispy in taste.
Crispy banana roll with red bean paste    冰火香酥卷   RM 13.80 

Fried Dim Sum   RM 12.60 nett per portion
Crispy salad prawn dumplings  沙律明虾角 
Crispy yam biscuit    香煎芋丝饼
I like this crunchy and crispy but a slightly salty yam biscuit. 
Pan-seared stuffed three treasures   香煎釀三宝 
Oven baked egg custard tart     酥皮葡撻仔 
The egg filling is smooth and moist with a egg fragrance and sweetness level is just nice.

Steamed Dim Sum    RM 12.60 nett per portion

Prawn wantan pouches with black bean vinegar sauce    镇江豉汁虾云吞
Juicy prawns wrapped in translucent wanton skin and dip in black bean vinegar sauce.
Steamed Spare Ribs with Yam & Garlic   金银蒜芋条蒸排骨
Minced pork dumpling topped with fish roe    鱼子蒸燒賣
Traditional steamed glutinous rice   古法糯米雞
Steamed fluffy bun filled with barbecued pork    蜜汁义燒包
Steamed rice flour rolls with bamboo pith & vegetable   竹笙上素肠粉  RM 12.80

Among the new Dim Sum selection at Dynasty, my favourite are goes to Crispy yam biscuit, Emerald dumpling topped with fresh scallop, Traditional steamed glutinous rice, Oven baked egg custard tart and Wok-fried radish cake with shrimps and bean sprout.
This is a good choice to enjoy a non-Halal dim sum here with your beloved family member in weekends morning. 

Dynasty Restaurant
Level 1, East Wing, Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur.
Open daily for lunch :12noon to 2.30pm
dinner : 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Dim Sum breakfast : 9am to 2.30pm (Sundays and Public Holidays)

For restaurant reservations and to discover more
Contact : 03 2716 9388.

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